Why I Try to Walk My Dog Each and Every Day

My dog, Tippie, and me

My dog, Tippie, and me

Some may wonder why I enjoy walking my dog so much. Well, for me, it accomplishes several things: it gives us time together, I get to meet my neighbors and their dogs, it’s a chance to be outside enjoying the beauty of nature and it keeps both of us healthy!

The Background:

It was not so very long ago that I took medicine for my high blood pressure. I’m happy to report that for about a year I’ve been able to “be off” those medications! That to me is a real victory!

My family history on my mother’s side includes angina and high blood pressure. I’m happy to not have to worry about either of those at this time.

The Details:

By watching what I eat and walking and exercising more, I’ve been able to keep my blood pressure in check. You can also do this! It is NOT hard!

Getting ready for a walk

Getting ready for a walk

How far do we walk each day?

I can’t give you an exact amount of steps because it varies. We usually end up walking several times a day.

Do I keep track of my steps?

Yes, I recently purchased a CopperFit StepFX Activity Tracker. It is affordable and easy to use! It will tell you the time, the number of steps you’ve done and how many miles you’ve done. (Keep in mind that if you are short like me you may find you have to walk more steps to get to a mile, but doesn’t that make sense really?)

At the end of the day, I log my daily steps on a calendar. At this point, I’m just keeping up with it. I have not yet made a plan for doing a certain number of steps each day. I may well do that in the future.

See, we don’t walk when it pours all day long, as it did yesterday. We went outside when we thought the rain had stopped only to feel raindrops hit us before we’d gone anywhere. I told my dog that we’d have to try again later. So, I have enough stress. I’m not going to add to it by giving myself some goal that I may not be able to accomplish.

Tippie on a leash, on a walk

Tippie on a leash, on a walk

What is my goal?

My goal is to walk each and every day. As I just said, that doesn’t always happen but that is my goal!

What about the food thing? What do you eat?

In short, I follow the DASH Diet/the Meditteranean Diet. Now, I’ve tried MANY diets over the years, but: following the Dash Diet got me off my blood pressure medicine, which is good enough for me! Both those diets are similar in that they are more a way to eat that you can do forever, not a quick fix. I plan to do another post in the future about the details!

What good is that to me?

Well, I hope that you will take away this fact: that being healthy doesn’t have to be hard! You can do it! I have done this and so can you!

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