Tips For Decluttering:

How to declutter your home fast:

Decluttering doesn’t have to be hard, you can actually make it fun!

Just start with only 5 minutes a day! Here’s some ideas you can go through and choose from:

18- Five minute Decluttering Ideas

You might even find yourself doing more than 5 minutes. Try to make this a daily fun habit! 😀

Next time you hang up your clothes, reverse the hook so it’s on the inside faceing you. If that item is still there after six months it’s time to donate it.

See how fast you can fill up a trash bag! This can be a trash bag ready to go to the dump or to the goodwill.

Every day give something away that you don’t need or use anymore. Someone else might put it to better use.

Get the family involved. Let them know what your plans are. You might find out that they are happy to join you! A clutter-free house is a happy house.

Remember that can do this, and you can do it for even just 5 minutes a day.


Please don’t fall back to your old routine of cluttering.

Please don’t stop your daily habit of decluttering. You can find apps that will remind you to keep your daily habits. 21 Day Effect is a good app since it takes 21 days to make a daily routine into a habit.