Help! What A Crazy Dream! Can anyone help?


I’ve decided to start tracking my dreams, and last night was crazy bizarre. I will call it “The Night of the Biting Poisonous Snakes”. Wonderful huh?

Well it’s weird because I’m a snake lover, but all night long I had reoccurring dreams of snakes attacking me.

The first dream was scary and kind of nasty, sorry if it disturbs you:

My first dream had giant ones that would jump out of nowhere with mouths open. It seemed like I was with my husband and we were walking along a highway. Out of nowhere these snakes would come after us and try to clamp down on us and take hold. Some would twist their bodies while still clamped down on our hands and arms.

Yikes! I woke up after one snake turned and twisted while biting me…

In the next dream, I was again walking on a country road, but with a group of people this time. There were holes everywhere in the road, and eventually snakes came out and started coming after us and biting us. We all kept running away, but the snakes where everywhere and were bite-hungry. Especially for me. It seemed like I was their prime target!

Everyone kept saying that they were poisonous, and I kept getting bitten!

Anyway the next thing I remember the scene changed, and I was alone in some run down travel trailer, and the snakes kept coming after me! I couldn’t get away from these damn things!

Eventually though, several men in white suits arrived and they started spraying the ground with some kind of poison and all the snakes disappeared and then that’s when I woke up.

Now I know this could give other people nightmares reading this, and I’m sorry, but I just had to get it out.

I wonder if anyone can interpret this. Does anyone know what this means? Any help is appreciated, thank you!