How To Build A Residual Income

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Most of us SFIers embarked in this fascinating and rewarding journey because we realized that staying in the rat race is not the way to go. The only way out is by reaching financial freedom through building a residual income. SFI gives us the platform to do just that.

I want to share a SFI affiliate’s story. He posted it in the SFI Forum and it really empowered and inspired me (even though I already was). It just proved to me that SFI really does work if you work it.

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A Forum post from Scott L:
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“Matching VP is, in my opinion, the best to achieve ongoing, residual income. That means income that comes to you month after month, without doing all of the work yourself. The efforts of your team push your income higher. And, this can be duplicated anywhere within your downline – in fact, on anyone’s downline – everywhere within SFI.

Very easy to say, and of course, who really knows if it will ever work for you? Well, take a look at some these photos.

These are images from our 5th wheel. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is a travel trailer. This one is 37 ft long, and besides what you see here, it also has a king size bed and a full bathroom. This is going to be our retirement home, and we will use it to travel around in the Southern US during winter so we can escape the cold Canadian winters, and then back to Canada in the summer.

My SFI income not only pays the monthly payments for this, but also for the diesel truck I use to pull it with. It is a direct result of using team building as my favorite form of building my online business.

I have a 12 part series on Team Building that I will be sharing, hopefully, with the SFI community soon. The interesting thing is, all of the information is already here….you just have to read it.

It’s where I learned how to do things I do. Anything is possible if you work hard, take action, and don’t quit!”

Congratulations Scott! Fantastic way to empower your Team! Scott is a true leader!

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