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Conrad here, as most Y’all know, I am in to Internet Marketing and I just wanted to share something with the Community out there who read this. Each one of us at one time or another have had our shares of difficulties within this endeavor. By that I mean that we have faced problems that range from Oh Crap to Why the heck did I do that to Oh my God, I just lost three days worth of work, what do I do now!!!

There abounds within the framework of Internet Marketing a vast array of trouble spots waiting, patiently waiting for us to slip up, and when we do BOOM!!! It usually takes less than a second to happen, but when it does it can take hours to days to fix it.

That’s just one of the happenstances that can happen I our world. There are a myriad of others, take my word for it. But I think the most bothersome of all are the tools we have available to us to do our business the right way, and that brings me to the reason for this missive.

I hear people in Marketing complaining about having to shop around on a constant basis for the tools they need and especially the updates for those tools. Take for example the most widely used tool in our kits, the venerable autoresponder. Without this particular tool, we would be hamstrung in trying to deal with a list of over 25 customers, it’s that important. If that’s true, then how come there are so many responders out there and all have differing setups to contend with. We have one that allows up to 250 customers on a list, then, “BAM!!!” they jack the price up on you. There are some that do not allow segmenting, some don’t allow broadcasts, some don’t allow other things we need to do with our lists.

These things are necessities in our business, yet they are either unavailable, or cost so much it beyond dumb.

I just for the life of me cannot understand that, for the most part, the Marketers I have met are a group of pretty smart people when it comes to product sales, but kind of appear to be in the dark about the tools they use to get that done.

Let’s pause for a moment and let me let you know who I am and what I am about. First off I am not and I repeat not any kind of a guru nor a Super Marketer I just a guy trying to make ends meet, I’m a Christian, a husband, a father, a grandfather. I am retired, therefore looking to make a few bucks to keep my feet dry, don’t like Sitting on the Dock Of the Bay❠rather be doing something, because of some of the limitations age brings about, I am not as spry as I used to be, but my brain still clocks around 180 on the Richter Scale and my sense of humor is still as sharp as ever. Now as to the reason for doing this, I have the time to spend taking things apart and putting them back together, and since I am working on the web just thought I’d look at the pro’s and Con’s of some of the programs out there and what they have to offer.

Now here’s what I found in shopping around for the best tool suite available, trust me, I looked very carefully using benchmarks like price, tool array, company longevity, company reputation as far as support, mistake forgiveness, customer support, training, continuing education, availability of upgrades/downgrades, current compatibility with Tech improvements. And overall satisfaction with program. Upfront, I have been aligned with Global NPN for about 5 years now and my mentor Craig Caron has always preached value and building relationships, value in the product or service you offer and working at building a relationship with your customer, after all, they are human beings and deserve respect in all areas from business to private life. Don’t you feel as though you deserve respect even if you don’t earn $100,000.00 a month? Anyway, I use NPN as my reference point when gauging other companies because I know Global NPN, I use it most every day.

I have found that NPN has allowed a fairly new individual to marketing make some astounding gains as far as knowledge, ability, results, and confidence. This results from the system as a whole, everything connects together to move the neophyte to the level where he/she feels comfortable enough to venture to the next step in growth on the Internet. The array of tools and training is astounding, and it is all designed to assist rather than push, the training itself is succinct and to the point. There is no wasted verbiage that just keeps going on and on until you drop dead from boredom and no after training wondering about what you just heard. Added to the training there is also a reference resource available that is so positive and encouraging that you really want to continue and that’s your mentor AKA sponsor. They are available to you 24/7/365, you also have the support section that can assist you in keeping pace with your progress. The third part of the equation of support is the community itself, there is a fount of knowledge there that is unsurpassed and it is free to use whenever needed. This has been my first post about NPN and what it is to me others will follow so please stay tuned.

Retired Military, traveled the world more than a couple of times. last foreign trip was to Germany, saw the best they had to offer and brought her home with me. We have raised 4 children, and now have 12 grandchildren. Life has not always been a bed of roses but we are still together after 40 years. I wouldn't change anything. I believe in God, my family, and my country. I'm a Texan and proud of it.

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