Why I Recommend Lead Skimmer

I recommend Lead Skimmer for many various reasons. One of the more important reasons is that no matter what niche market you are in, it’s important to have an email list. Lead Skimmer is another way to build your list and you can make awesome money while doing it.

In my own research of list building, I opted into many free offers and one thing I found too often was that the free give-away meant to entice visitors to exchange their email for was not really very good.

These days the people who are winning at list building are those that are offering the “wow factor” for their free give-away. It doesn’t matter if it’s a free video, a report, or software, a webinar replay, whatever it is, it must be of high quality.

The competition in the list building arena has grown more but it is still pretty easy to stand out. My advice is to offer a really nice gift to your opt-in page visitors, one that will stand out and make your new subscribers say, “wow, this is worth money and I got it for free”

Remember, when your new visitor to your squeeze page arrives, and they get your free offer, it is their first introduction to YOU. It’s the first time they are learning your style, your personality, etc. In a way its like a first date.

They are looking at what you are showing them and at that moment they are deciding, “Did this person deliver what they said they were going to deliver? Did this person provide information of value that will help me? Can I stick with this person for a while and learn more from them?

Don’t get caught up in if you should give away an ebook ,video, etc. Those are just delivery methods. What you want to make sure of is the quality of the content.
Make it great, never let it be sub-par quality. You always want to make sure you give a great impression to your first time visitors. Stand above the rest and you’ll be successful.

Lead Skimmer is one of those list-building programs that stand out above most others. It is unique and it works. It offers a high value entry for free, as well as a low priced optional paid or free upgrade. Lead skimmer is a program your new opt-ins will like, and it will build everyone’s list as well as make them money.

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