Using Lead Skimmer To Build Your Email List And Profit

Lets say you are using Lead Skimmer to build your email list and your list is growing very fast, which it should. You have your finger on the JV boards and know that there is a product launch coming up in two weeks.

There is an affiliate contest with some really cool prizes and you have your eye them in hopes of winning one, or more than one of them. Perhaps the top prize is a solo mailing of your free offer to a big list. Or a new laptop. Or better, cash.

There are some things that you can do with your new Lead Skimmer email list that will not only help you win JV contests, but will also help you to earn more money than the average list owner. 

In the case of the hypothetical JV contest that opens in two weeks, you could begin to write personal stories to your list that have to do with whatever the product is that will be launching. This is to warm your list up to the idea of the offer that will come out in two weeks, and get them predisposed to feeling that they need the offer, before they even hear about it or see it.

It goes without saying that you want to make sure that the offer will be a really high-value offer which actually works if implemented so your list can actually benefit to it. Never send you list crap offers on purpose.

While you are writing emails that are congruent with the offer that will be coming out, write a few articles up on something that will compliment the product that is coming out. If you don’t want to write it yourself, hire a writer to write up two articles for you.

Take those two articles and turn them into a PDF. When the product that you have been warming your list up with launches, offer your list the PDF that you created as a free bonus for buying from your link. The cost of having someone else write up the two articles that you turned into the free report shouldn’t be more than $20 and you stand to gain far more in sales with your list during the product launch.

This is just one of many ways to make more money with the new list you are constantly building up using the Lead Skimmer list builder. Don’t just build a list and blindly send out offers.

Go check out the offers yourself, make sure they are solid, warm your list up to the product before the launch date, and then offer a bonus. Even a PLR bonus is better than no bonus as long as it is solid and congruent with the launch offer.

These simple methods will set you apart from 90% of all other email marketers and you will make far more money with your list than they do. Its not that much extra work and it pays off, not to mention your list will pay more attention to what you have to say.

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