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I often here people say, “I’m really interested in making a start with affiliate marketing but I don’t know exactly where to begin.” Well, every successful affiliate marketing business always begins with acquiring the right knowledge and training.

Which leads us to our very first affiliate marketing challenge: Where do we find that knowledge and training? Unfortunately there’s a lot of crap out there being promoted as the golden ticket to affiliate marketing wealth. The gurus who are promoting this junk are really only after one thing, your money.

The knowledge that these so called gurus are peddling is often nothing more than cleaver wording designed to empty your wallets without giving you any real value. There are countless victims of this kind of marketing who have lost multiple thousands of dollars trying to crack the affiliate marketing code from trashy information.


It does not take rocket science to crack the affiliate marketing code. What it does take, however, is a willingness to become a student of those who are actually making money at home with their own successful affiliate marketing businesses. If the idea of becoming a student dose not tickle your fancy, then affiliate marketing is not for you.

You just can’t get around the fact that anyone desiring to make something out of affiliate marketing has to learn new skills. That being said, the question is, where do you start the journey of acquiring this new skill set?

Well, what you have right before you is a company which has been around since 2005,  and has helped to create hundreds (actually thousands) of happy and thriving affiliate marketers. Some are making full time incomes, some part time incomes, some have become very wealthy.

The knowledge and training that is offered here at Global NPN is second to non, in my opinion. If this piques your interest, do yourself a favor and enter your details into the above form and we’ll take you by the hand and show you how to make a real income from affiliate marketing.

We’ll show you exactly what it will take to build your own thriving affiliate marketing business. We will not pump you up with silly hyped up BS. We will, however, teach you what it really takes to make it in the affiliate marketing world. Hint: Education, commitment, and plain old hard work.

Yes you’ll have to put some effort into your business, but we will teach you how to work smart with our cutting edge marketing tools and training. We are not promising you overnight riches, but we can confidently promise that if you’ll put into practice what you learn here at Global NPN you will not fail, and you will create for yourself a nice income from home.

I’ve been around the affiliate marketing scene for several years now, and I’ve been ripped off, and burned by some unscrupulous gurus, but I still firmly believe that affiliate marketing is the number one way to change your financial destiny.

Global NPN is my #1 choice for affiliate marketing knowledge, training, and marketing tools, and I would highly recommend them (in a heart beat) to anyone looking for something that’s real and fully trustworthy.

Have a blessed day

Paul Beamon



I'm a Christian minister & affiliate marketing enthusiast
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