GDI Action Power Team Brian Davis

Brian Davis here, a member of the GDI Power Team.

I originally joined GDI back in 2001 and maintained a paid
account for 18 years. I know in the video I said 14 or 15,
but my math was wrong.

I kept my GDI (Global Domains International) account that
long because I was using the products and services, especially
the email.

You should never blame your sponsor or upline for success or
failure. We are responsible for where we go in our business.

But I will tell you without hesitation, that I did not receive any
help, support and no one was ever placed under me.

If you want to really be a part of the best GDI team, then come
over to GDI Action Power Team. I can promise you’ll get the
help and support you deserve.

Brian Davis

Hello Thank You for stopping by to check out the about me section. My name is Brian Davis, I’m married to my beautiful wife the former Estrella Dublin from Leyte, Philippines, for 26 short years. We have 2 sons, Justin and Jonathan.
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