Take a break

Since we spend a lot of time online, both in front of our computer and on mobile devices, it’s important that we remember to have some time off from that environment. The internet is truly marvelous in many ways and it has changed the world in a way that few of us could imagine just a couple of decades ago.

However, with this change and everything that is technically open for us we can easily get stuck online and forget what we always have right outside the door. Here I think of nature, daylight, fresh air and some “offline freetime” which I believe is essential for us humans, and I guess most of you agree with me.

So how can we make sure that we don’t get stuck in front of our marvelous computer?

Well, to me personally it feels very good to come outside, go for a walk or take a bike ride in the forest or down to the ocean (which is pretty close), and today it was one of these things. Taking a rapid walk which increases the pulse and stimulates the blood circulation is always a good thing.

Actually I took the liberty to record a somewhat “breathy” video (take a deep breath because it’s almost 10 minutes long) while walking. You can see it here below.

To be honest, I actually made two videos. The other one is shorter and I won’t post it here, but instead let it stay on its direct play URL which is HERE.

The long video is right here. Enjoy and feel free to comment or shoot me a message.



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