The Path Well Worn

It had been more than two days since I had been out of the house. Two days of extreme heat, followed by a day of sever thunderstorms, made going out of the house undesirable.
Today, I finally made it out of the house for a walk. Something so simple as a walk recharges my energy. It helps give a different perspective to thoughts going around in my mind.

IMG_2391 copy

I have been down this path many times before. Each time I travel this path it is both familiar and new as the first time I walked down it. Each summer season the trees are full of birds and squirrels. The sound of their chatter and singing fills the area. A few people in the neighborhood plant flowers in beds, or have some growing back from previous years. It it a welcoming site to see the blossoms opening, the fragrance wafting from the apple trees.


Though the path I was walking on was well worn, there was no one else traveling the same time as I was. Have you ever walked down a path or road you know others have been down before and yet saw no one else around?

Much like the path I walked along today, the path to success is a well worn path. Though it is new to you, many people have traveled it before. You need to stay on the path and keep moving forward!



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