3 Marketing Methods All Affiliate Marketers Need To Implement To Succeed Online

Successful affiliate marketers do their due diligence when researching for profitable niches. Those who are new to the world of affiliate marketing sometimes believe that there’s some kind of magic formula to achieving success.

Nothing could be further from the truth! It simply boils down to working smartly using proven marketing methods and tools. If you desire greater sales and signups, then the following these three marketing methods will help you.

Marketing Methods

1. Using unique web pages to promote each separate product you are marketing.

Do not lump all of it together just to save some money on web hosting. It is best to have a site focusing on each and every product and nothing more.

Always include product reviews on the website so visitors will have an initial understanding on what the product can do for those who buy them. Also include testimonials from users who have already tried the product.

Be sure that these customers are willing to allow you to use their names and photos on the site of the specific product you are marketing.

You can also write articles highlighting the benefits of the product and include them on the website as an additional page. Make the pages attractive and compelling including calls to act within your content. Each headline should attract the readers to read more.

Highlighting the main benefits will help your readers to learn what the page is about and pique curiosity to find out more.

2. Offer free reports to your readers.

Be sure to position your freebies at the very top side of your page so they cannot be missed. Create autoresponder messages that will be mailed to those who input their personal information into your sign up form. The opt-in form at the top of this blog is a good example of the kind of thing you should aim for.

According to research, a sale is closed usually on the seventh to tenth contact with a prospect. This means that following up with your readers is paramount to increasing sales and signups. If, for example, you find the opt-in form on this blog interesting enough to request more information, you’d enter you best email and my autoresponder system will begin sending you a series of emails with all the relevant information.

Only two things can possibly happen with a web page with no opt-in form: a closed sale or the prospect leaving the page and never returning again. By sending useful information to their inboxes, at automated intervals, you will remind them of the product they were thinking of purchasing. Be sure that the content is directed toward specific reasons for purchasing the product.

Focus on important points like how your product can make life and things easier and more enjoyable. Include compelling subject lines in your emails. As much as possible, avoid using the word “free” because there are still older spam filters that will dump emails containing this word.

It’s a good idea to send free helpful content the majority of the time, excluding product links. Building a relationship of trust is your primary goal with email marketing. When a subscriber begins to trust you, he will be more likely to make a purchase from you based on your recommendations. Providing free content that’s helpful is what achieves this trust.

3. Find targeted traffic for your product.

Just think, if the person who visited your website has no interest whatsoever in what you’re offering, they will be among those who move on and never come back. Finding niche targeted traffic for your offers or business opportunity is foundational to achieve success with affiliate marketing.

Niche definition: A particular area of demand for a product or service.

The idea behind finding targeted prospects for your product or service is understanding what’s in demand (niche) and then going out and finding those people are in that space. For example, this blog is dedicated to the affiliate marketing niche so it is set up to attract people in this space. I market my blog on Twitter and Pinterest where there are thousands of people interested in affiliate marketing.

Finding a niche where there is demand takes a little research on the affiliate marketers part. Thankfully the internet makes this a whole lot easier, it’s just a matter of entering the appropriate keywords and Google will deliver a plethora of results.

If your niche interest is affiliate marketing I’ve got some good news for you. This blog contains a whole bunch of information catering to this exact niche. I recommend that you take a moment to explore everything here, you never know you just might learn something 😉


The methods I’ve outlined above are not all that difficult to implement. It just requires a little time and an action plan on your part, and if you’re completely brand new to affiliate marketing you’ll also have a mildly challenging learning curve ahead.

I personally believe that affiliate marketing is the best industry to get into if you’re looking to create a second income from home. I also believe that anyone can start an online business and succeed if the basics are followed as outlined above.

Paul Beamon



I'm passionate about helping people find success in the affiliate marketing/ home based business industry.
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