7 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Blog…

Starting a blog can be fun and very profitable, if you know what you’re doing. The concept of a blog is simple. It’s just a place where people in your niche visit to get information and value.

The more up-to-date your blog is, the more repeat visitors you’ll have… and the better your content is, the higher your retention rate will be. The internet is a noisy place and these days many people have the attention span of a housefly.

Keeping them on your blog will require some effort on your part and a few tips too. The following 7 tips will help you get the most out of your blog and blogging career.

Build a list

Have an opt-in form on your blog that will allow visitors to sign up for a freebie or something of value that they can use. Their email address will be added to your autoresponder and you’ll be able to contact them at regular intervals to mention about your latest posts or offers that you think they’d love.

Ask for suggestions

Your blog can be like a community. Make a post asking your reader what topics they’d like you to cover. You can even email your list and ask them to reply with suggestions.

These suggestions will be exactly what your audience is looking for and you just need to write blog posts on topics that were mentioned. You can be sure that the content will be relevant and caters to your niche accurately.

Monetize it

You may wish to add advertising from platforms like Google AdSense or Taboola or any of the other ad platforms that will share the ad revenue with you. This will earn you an income, and cover the costs of running the blog.

Any extra money over and above your costs will be pure profit. You could also promote affiliate products and earn heftier commissions. Generally, affiliate commissions will exceed whatever you could earn from advertising.

You’ll have to decide which option to go with, or if you want to use both.

Sell your own products

This is without a doubt the most profitable option of the lot. Selling digital products will earn you the most profit because of the low cost of delivery. Tangible items like print-on-demand t-shirts, mugs, caps, etc, can also be sold through your blog and email list. The profit margin, however, will be lower than that of digital products.

You could also consider recruiting affiliates to promote your products, split the sale with them and make more revenue from your affiliates’ efforts. A good example of this would be the company ClickBank. Ordinary people like you and I can sign up to sell other peoples’ products for a commission.

The creators of these products are ‘scaling up’ their operation by sourcing affiliates to market their products for them. The profit margin for each product sale will decrease, however, because the volume of sales increases through their affiliates efforts, more revenue is produced.

It may well be worth considering becoming a ClickBank vendor as your blog becomes more established. I personally don’t use this method, but I know marketing bloggers who do, and they make a ton of money simply by recruiting affiliates to sell for them.

Have interesting titles

The titles of your blog post must be attention-grabbing. As much as people moan about clickbait, these types of titles still get the clicks. So, make your titles interesting enough to get the clicks… and your content valuable enough to keep them hooked.

Use guest posts

You could also use guest posts from other content creators on your blog. Many excellent writers would willingly write a blog post for you in exchange for a link back to their site. This will save you time and effort and you’ll not need to write as many blog posts.

Inject your personality

You are the face of your blog. Inject your personality into it. People follow other people. Humanize your blog. Share stories, photos, jokes, anecdotes and so on. This will keep your blog lively and interesting.

Follow these 7 points and your blog will be THE place to hang out for many people. You’ll build authority and have a loyal following. That’s exactly what you want. Please remember that getting the most out of your blog will take time. You should view your blogging career as long term. If you stick with it, over time, your blog will reward you with an engaged readership and an ever growing income stream.

Paul Beamon



I'm passionate about helping people find success in the affiliate marketing/ home based business industry.
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