There’s No Secret To Making Money Online

In all honesty, there really is no secret to making money online. There is, however, one tried and proven method that works like clockwork every time it is implemented. Want to know what this is?

It’s called email marketing.

I’m not taking about unsolicited bulk emailing (aka-spamming) which is illegal. I’m talking about emailing people who have requested information from you, usually via some kind of online webform.

For example, if I’m selling a course on how to live off grid I’ll put an ad online inviting people to take a look at my course via my landing page (webform). If people are interested in my course they’ll have the option to enter their name and email address on the form. This is called permission based email marketing.

Once a person has opted in to receive more information I can then legally send them emails with details about my course, and other related products. I know marketers who make six to seven figure incomes from permission based email marketing alone.

Truth be told, all the big time online earners have one very important thing in common, and that’s a huge permission based emailing list from which they make a whole lot of money.

The really neat thing about email marketing is that it can be set to run on autopilot 24/7 – 365/days. You can literally make money online while you sleep, while you’re taking a vacation, or just goofing around at home. Don’t get me wrong there is some work involved, but if you’ve got your system set up correctly your work load will be minimal.

So there you have it, permission based email marketing is how the big players win at making huge dollars online, and this is how you too can create an additional income stream from home. Do yourself a big favour and look into this lucrative method of making money online.

As I said in the beginning of this post, there is no secret to making money online. Scamming con artists, however, want you to believe that there is some carefully guarded secret that only they and a select few know, and for a price they’ll let you in on it. Please don’t believe them! The next time you see an ad promising you ‘the secret to online wealth,’ ignore it! You’ll only lose your hard earned money.

I can’t begin tell you how many people have been lied to and ripped off because they believed some internet charlatan, my self included. I’ve lost thousands believing elaborate lies, I’m a little embarrassed to admit that but if I can save just one person from handing there money over to a con artist it is worth this momentary red face lol.

My question to you is this. Do you want to create an addition income stream via the internet? I assume because you’re on my blog reading this post that your answer is a yes.  In that case may I suggest that you do some research into marketing funnels and permission based email marketing. Honestly, this is where you’re going to make money.

Yes it will take a little work to get set up, and yes there is a learning curve to navigate but with the right training and marketing tools it’ll be a breeze. If you want to save a whole bunch of research time, make use of this blog. Behind each tab on this blog is a wealth of information, professional marketing tools, and training.

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