Fast Start training is a blast!

traffic-signs-798175_640I must say that having taken the time to actually go through the NPN fast start training is proving to be of great value. This is not my first time with NPN, foolishly I didn’t do much with my previous membership.

This time around, however, I’m taking action and I’m already seeing results. Leads are coming in through the ready made funnels here at NPN. All I’m doing is sending the traffic lol.

I’m truly thankful for the time and effort that’s been put into all the training by our leaders. I highly recommend this training to every new NPN affiliate. Don’t rush through it, but take your time and go through each lesson in order. I’m sure you too will be get much out of the training.

I will also say this. I’ve been around for a while in the IM industry, and I’ve been involved in more than a few online ‘make money’ programs only to discover that most of them were utter trash.

This is not the case with Global NPN. My biggest regret, regarding any business decision I’ve ever made, is to have not stayed with NPN. However, I eventually came to my senses and returned.

Onward and upward!

Paul Beamon


I'm passionate about helping people find success in the affiliate marketing/ home based business industry.
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