“I Still Don’t Get What You Do?”

If you ever talk to anyone who makes money online, and ask them what they do, they’ll often struggle to explain their work.

It doesn’t matter if they’ve been doing it for years or just started las week…

They just won’t be able to put it into words. However when other online marketers get together, then it’s like they speak the same language, and the explanation of what they do online, makes all the sense in the world.


-Because online businesses are as unique as people.

-Some require a lot of human interaction.

-Others require no interaction at all.

-Some need technical skills.

-Others do NOT.

-Some are 100% leg work and hustle.

-Others are 100% automated and hands-free.

-Some help people lose weight.Beach Girl

-Others help people get rid of back pain.

-Some help people put on marketing seminars.

-Others focus on lead generation for small businesses.

There’s no online businesses that’s exactly alike.

And that’s a great thing…

…Because when you build your own online business, you focus on your strength and let someone else handle anything you’d consider your weakness.

-You work as much or as little as you want.

-You put in the work at the beginning and reap the rewards after.

-You put lifestyle first and work 2nd. Or vice versa.

-You’re in full control, because you get the one thing no offline business can give you-flexibility and location freedom.

I would be thrilled if you checked out GlobalNPNPrfofit Center, NPNBuilder, and or Lead Skimmer, just click one or all if you so choose to get started today building the lifestyle you want.

Take Care,



Hi there, My name is Bobbi Herland and I have been involved with Marketing in one way or another for the past 4 years. I have made some money, and lost some money, but I have learned so much along the way. The education that I have received through Entre Institute as well as GlobalNPN is so valuable, that I wouldn't be able to do what I do without them. I am a 58 y.o. Grandmother of three beautiful grand daughters, and the mother to 1 son, who is my rock. I love to go riding on ATV's, fishing, biking as well as golfing (which I haven't been able to do since my foot injury in 2016). My foot injury has kept me out of my chosen career and I found myself wanting to work from home, it took me awhile to get the whole picture of marketing (I still don't know everything), I am learning something new all the time, but at least I am working, and not just going through the motions, and living off of disability. I am proud of the work I am doing, and it is also fun. You get to meet so many like minded people from all over the world. Can't get any better than that. I could go on and on, but I just wanted to share a couple of things about myself and why Marketing (Affiliate Marketing) is wonderful, unpredictable at times, but the best decision that I have ever made. All The Best, Bobbi bobbiherland@gmail.com

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