Using Ads, Sales letters, And whatever I thought would Pour In Money….

I did it all wrong! It has nothing to do
with the way I wanted  to make money!…

Id be like “What’s the best Sales letter,
Video Landing Page, or Ad that would surely

get me a bunch of prospects in the front door
that would make them fall all over themselves

to get what I have and Buy everything I’m
promoting! Who cares if it works or not,

At least I can say I made money once I had
proof of sales (and more people will buy
from me)  Boy was I wrong, wrong and
wrong again!…

People want what they can use that helps them!
They ask  questions and want information that
pertains to the subject matter of your deal…

They’re asking “Will what I am seeing, reading,
or listening to? Will this benefit me and how!?

How Can I use this to build what I’m trying  to do?
I feel it’s better to figure what they are looking for…

figure out why they’re looking, and what do they want?…
get all this information…

Then simply write about it!…
Create an information Report of what it can do
and why it fills the gaps of what’s missing in

one’s main business and why they need what
you have to offer…

And How To get it….

Which brings me to this article here!
As you can see, I am not selling anything!

I just want to develop a relationship
with people who are looking
for such information…

And See if I can be a fit to
help them out!..

I’ll just mention a few things
that I evaluated in their business…

Compliment them on their success
level and give the a third party

story (if I have one) of how
someone just like them

dealing with the same ideas,
used this mechanism that changed everything..

I would tell more of the benefits and advantages
they could get with the one mechanism…

And then I would give it to them as
a sample to use, or as a video to
see the vision if them  actually
using it!….

Then If I built their trust and
chatted more, if i can coach them

I’d ask them if I may
keep them updated by
allowing them to follow
my blogs to keep them updated

on what I can and am doing
regularly in my own business,

that may help give them ideas
for their business…

To get to the point here…
I’m not trying to sell you!

I’d rather get readers who can
feel me out! Get To know and
trust me better through my content

like this article here. I was told
from my own coach, to write an article

each day for 90 days! This is marketing!
That’s what he called it! …

It’s long term verses placing ads,
that try to sell something, and get them
on your list ( a list that is short term
because they’re only there for
something to get info on, but not
really a subscriber of your content!

Something that keeps them coming
back to feed off of you if it helps

them get what they want from
what you got that they can Get!

Whether it’s free or on sale…
They want it because of YOU!

You are the  MAGIC that they
want on their side to help them
along the way!…

Which to me  is much stringer than
a sale! If they know you are
helping them?…

They will checkout what you have that they
know will help them, because it  works for you!…

We are the messenger of the message, so to
speak, as long as we are honest with each other

and are true to our word to help them out,
sale or NO SALE!….

I  truly hope this helps you!
I love feedback and look forward to your

Thank you for reading!


For as long as I have done mail order, and have been online for years with tons of advertising and marketing, I realized that the value of what you do for others in really helping them build your relationship first, guide them along the way in complete honesty what you know, and what you can do to help them succeed.. Don't beat around the bush, trying to sell them goods to make a fast buck. They can see right through you!... Asking questions about their true purpose and if you can be the main guy/girl to help that person out to get what they want!.. It's NOT what you can do to get a bunch of sales, But what You can do to help them get sales,of course, but long term, help grow their business to unlimited potential that'll make them overjoyed as you become their major 'go -to' person!.... When do you want to Chat and Get Acquainted?.... Moneymike DeLuca phone +1(857)318-5919 My Sizzle Call 800 863 8612

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