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I am going to share with you things people have sent to us and said about our marketing systems and trainings here at Global NPN.

They have all understood the power of our system and the purpose behind our tool set and marketing materials. Most importantly, these folks have taken action.

These are testimonials from real people, getting real results. This is just a small sampling of the messages we receive from our members…


“Dedicated to boosting the Business Network Thenpn has become one of the top business websites in referring new members  and extending its position worldwide. I am proud of being part of this team in which my website is progressing on a daily status.

Jacquelin Laborde”


“Wow, What a great system to build any relationship marketing business. Before I came to NPN I was trying to build a business for over six months with very unsatisfactory results.  Just two weeks after joining NPN, I have shown both businesses to more people than the entire six months before. I wish I wish and I only wish someone had let me in on this sooner. I could only  imagine where i could have been using NPN for an entire six months…. ”

– Michael Owens


“My name is Matt Mar and I am from South Africa where I have worked for 28 years as an Agricultural Engineer. Since last year I have been looking into Internet Marketing and have been a member in several programs. I had my first real success with affiliate marketing in April this year.

In July I became a member of NPN and was able to recover my investment as a NPN Plus member within that same month. Since then I have been able to double my income each month. This is not actually what I would like to tell you although it helps me to pay my bills.

As an engineer I am always looking at the quality of systems and I could not find anything on the Net to compare with NPN. I was completely satisfied with all the magnificent tools when Geoff surprised me with the latest addition of the MultiSponder Elite. Have you ever seen a program with more features that can do just about anything except making coffee!

If there is anyone still looking for a super AutoResponder, look no further, you will find the best in NPN. Great work Geoff – I do not think you can improve on it.”

– M. Mar


“NPN is the best Internet program I have ever been in. Absolutely anyone can make substantial, recurring monthly income by recruiting only 1 person a month for a year. NPN gives you all the tools you need to succeed for a price less than you normally  pay for just one.

If you want to make money on the Internet, you cannot afford not to join NPN”

– Bob Caine


“I live in Iowa and have been a Network Marketer for over 5 years. I recently retired from my JOB so I can work my Internet Business full time. As is often typical of Network Marketers, I have tried numerous marketing tools and never reaped much benefit. Not so with NPN!

I am excited about the wonderful tools NPN offers for us to use in promoting NPN or other opportunities. The MultiSponder is already proving to be a helpful tool to import leads and to use to promote my primary business. I also find Leads Blaster and the Banners are generating prospects!

The NPN back office has everything mapped out for a novice or a seasoned marketer – just follow the step-by-step sequence – it is really very concise and easy to follow with audio instructions as well as written guides. Thank you, Geoff, for the opportunity!”

– Gwen Trullinger


“Awesome business you have here. This pay plan is the one that all business owners need to employ. At $10 per month, plus I get to advertise my other biz’s here to current members and viewers, its too good to pass up.

The niche I’m using in advertising is to tell people I have a way to pay their ever increasing fuel costs for gasoline. That catches them and then they are hooked because they like everything else they see. Good Job!”

– David Fox (Davo)


“Its far and few between when I find a program that offers the tools and the payment plan that NPN offers. I hesitated for two years using other systems, and when they all wore me down I finally got on board- and found all the stuff I had been looking for in one place with bonuses to boot!

It just keeps getting better in the few months I’ve been with you. I’m trying to recover from losing my entire Marketing System and I now know I wasted a lot of time without NPN the first time around!

Thanks Geoff and Best Wishes, Robert Hamborg.”

– Robert Hamborg


“Great system guys! I have worked with many systems out there since we’ve been in MLM and affiliate marketing for over 4 years now. We are really impressed with the system and what it has to offer. The payout structure is amazing and SO SIMPLE!

You can make money in your sleep 🙂 At first we weren’t sure what to expect since we’ve seen so many systems out there, but once we were able to take a look at what you have to offer it is truly worth $10 in and of itself. Then, added to that the fact that you can make thousands… WOW!… great idea.”

– Carver Online Enterprises


“NPN is the first site that I have found that has all the tools you need in one place and has a understandable way to demonstrate it and teach you how to use it. These tools have helped me so much.”

– Sandy Scheer


“Great job for an inexpensive program, you have done a lot for the newbies, refreshing!”

– Johnny K -Sain Charles MO


“This is one of the most greatest and genuine products where you make money helping people as well as yourself”

– john


“I have been associated with various MLM programs over the last 5 years and I never found all the tools and answers I needed to building a MLM Business. I finally found all the tools and help I have ever needed in one place with NPN. It is great for building any business.”

– Jim Wells


“I have been in network marketing for some time now, and I just have to say that… NPN is a great program. Not only does NPN give you Autoresponders, url tracking, downline builder for all of your programs, but the products are in house, I love that. And the best part, I cant believe the price…$10 per month…WOW.

NPN is my complete marketing system, I love it!!”

– Carrie Mallach


“I’ve been involved in MLM since 1972, back then we did it the old fashion way, “Eye ball, to eye ball” The Internet has brought a whole new way to prospect and NPN has put together the most cost effective as well as the most profitable program I’ve ever  seen.

The thing I like the most is that it’s ULTRA easy. You don’t have to be intimidated if your a newbie. This is a MUST have program for anyone who is involved in MLM, internet marketing etc.”

– Jack Presnell


“What can I say? NPN is the real deal. I am excited to be part of such a wonderful system for success. Thanks for getting this 100 percent right! I am a Director with Success University, and this is exploding my downline. Plus, NPN will create a great income for me as well. To everyone’s success!”

– Bill Connelly


“Being a networker of a few years I couldn’t believe these tools being offered here for the price! A chance to build an extra residual by promoting such a useful marketing site while promoting my own business as well for just 10 dollars a  month! Unbelievable NPN provides the perfect affiliate program that can compliment your existing online business. If you are a serious networker . Just do it!!”

– Patrick Elliget at Agel


Okay…I think you get the picture right?


We are on a  mission here at Global NPN to help ANYONE achieve a $50,000+ per year income online. We can do this through our unique Power Of One system.

It is as simple as making a commitment to refer only ONE person per month to The NPN for 12 months. That is it! PLUS, it will build your primary business anyway!

Think of that $50,000 per year as seed money to fund your continuing education as a marketer and the growth of your primary business interests.

If you are willing to learn how to really market online, we are here to support you through the entire process.

Read that report, join with us, and we will see you on the other side.

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Talk to you soon!

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