Future Guru, here are the “TOP” reasons we created Global NPN…

Okay Future Guru…here it is…

When we set out to build the perfect marketing system we had many reasons that drove us to produce what we have thus far…but there are 7 “TOP” reasons for what we have done and for how we have built Global NPN for our members.

Besides those 7 main reasons, we had an all-encompassing purpose behind the creation of Global NPN and we want to share that with you first.

We built Global NPN because the chances of you earning even $50,000.00 your first year online, from scratch, are slim to none. That is the truth.

Sorry to have to be so blunt, but I have to pop the bubble that so many folks are floating in when they come online for the first time to build a business.

We have been there, in the trenches since 1999, and I know how hard it is. The body count of would-be entrepreneurs is high…

There are too many variables and too many things an individual needs to learn and do to make even a small sum online, and  going it alone is a sure way to fail…especially in network marketing!

We have tried to make this clear in our report, so I hope you have read it and digested it all. Hidden within it are both what to do and what not to do if you want to achieve success online.

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Answer the following questions truthfully…

Who likes selling, telling, explaining, cold calling, convincing, and closing sales?

Who likes making a list of their friends and family?

Who grows up dreaming of being a sales person? I mean really… Was being a salesperson top on your list of things you wanted to be when you grew up as a kid?

Who likes spending years trying to figure out how to market and generate leads while maxing out all their credit cards?

7 TOP Reasons WHY we built Global NPN:

1)  Most garbage M.L.M. opportunities out there want you to buy leads, call those leads and PUKE your business all over their face…then ask, “So you wanna join my program?”

Here let me show you…

“Hey, check out my program! Wanna join my program?
My program is the best! Join me and get spillover in my program…my program, my awesome pre-launch program is here…get in quick…yada yada BLAH!”

See isn’t that annoying?

Global NPN knows that no one cares about your business and that marketing and lead generation is the biggest hurdle to overcome…and that buying leads is stupid and will put you in the “poor house” right quick.

So we solved this lead generation problem and made every possible advertising medium deliver for us. This is the power of “Targeted Advertising” and we do it well.

We make free advertising pay off in a BIG way and we pass all of our materials on to you. We also do not PUKE our business all over everyone. Global NPN is not actually designed to be a separate business opportunity.

It is a marketing group that teaches successful marketing online and we ue specific tools to do so. Global NPN complements ANY business and will help you build the contacts you need to build anything you wish now or in the future.

2)  Most other systems want you to “prospect” and “cold call” leads or make a list of your friends and family.

Why don’t you just stick your hand in the garbage disposal and turn it on if you like being tortured?


Global NPN knows that most people are not good at selling, telling, and explaining, and that these things don’t even help you build a business anyway…

No one wants to hear about it remember? People are too busy cleaning off the trash the last ad or M.L.M. junkie or cult follower puked all over them…

We don’t mess around with that stuff. Global NPN is set-up to filter your prospects and get them to make a decision…either they like what we offer or not.

We are not needy for referrals and you don’t have to be either, considering you can reach the $50,000/yr target with as little as one new business partner per month.

You remember The Power of One right? I don’t have to explain that again do I? It is only the most powerful representation of leverage I have ever seen. It makes everything simple.

We operate from abundance here… not need and greed.

3)  You are limited on funds. Admit it. Chances are, you are broke and have no room for trial and error.

You cannot spend hundreds of dollars every month just to maintain your systems, and you certainly cannot try different things over and over again looking for that “perfect” money maker that doesn’t exist and never will.

This is a double-edged sword and we understand this. Building a business is going to take time. You cannot come online without any experience and expect to be in profit in 30 days.

It is possible, but you cannot expect it. You are not entitled to it either just because you spent some money. You have to earn it and you need training. You need to do things right from the beginning so your business grows from the start.

This is why we allow members full access to everything we offer and all you need to do is maintain a paid membership in The NPN to receive million dollar training. This means you can start TODAY, for as little as $17 per month!

I think that is enough for today. This blogpost is long enough.

I will continue with reasons 4-7 tomorrow to give you some time to think about the power behind the first 3 reasons.

….Stay Tuned…..

In the meantime, read that report and get your questions answered ASAP.

Go Here => http://globalnpn.com/freereport/


FredRedTieTranspt745x745Fred “The Submarine Guy” Raley
Woodbridge, VA

p.s.  Ready to read part two, lessons 4-7 ?

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