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No Generation Gap Here

Last night the wife and I attended  Poet’s night at one of our local  coffee houses. My Wife’s guitar teacher was also invited to have a gig there for the closing act. He is a terrific songwriter. There are mostly

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19 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog Today

This Blog Post is reposted here by the courtesy of Geoff Stephen at   SO is blogging really worth it? Fact: If you’re not blogging, you’re not marketing. We all hear about how much money you can earn from

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Applying For Social Security-My Experience

Hello, This is my 2009 experience with Social Secuity. On November 23 ,2009 when I turned 62 years old. I needed to apply for Social Security. The rules are that you must apply two month before your birthday which I did. First you call

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Baby Boomers and Generation X

Hi,  The fact that you all have an internet business or some sort of a home business speaks well that you are aware of the problems of working for somebody else and the problems that go along with getting older.

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About Fate and Destiny

A man named Robert Collier once wrote,  “The study of the life-story of successful men in all walks of life will illustrate this principle  to you so forcibly that, having perceived it, you will never again doubt its absolute truth.

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The Homeless and Shelters- Mostly For The Women

My idea of what is right and helping other is apparently different from the people that run homeless shelters. Tonight I worked at the Coffee House in Milwaukee and a homeless lady came in, very distraught. I tried to find

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