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Why I Got Involved In Network Marketing, MLM, And More

Why do you do business?

So why did I get involved in any sort of online business whether network marketing, mlm, direct sales, and much more. Do you know the answer to this?  It is because I love people in general and imaginative minds.  With

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What is Marketing? Branding Yourself For The Short And Long Term

what is marketing

What is marketing exactly anyway? Well of of course there is a good way to market and a bad way, but it is all about branding yourself or your situation in a way that compels people.  You as a marketer

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Friends And Business: Are They Really Always There For You?

friends and business

     In a perfect world we would love to include our friends and business but however sometimes or maybe I should say most times this world is not perfect.  You want to do your best in your business and

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