Why I Got Involved In Network Marketing, MLM, And More

So why did I get involved in any sort of online business whether network marketing, mlm, direct sales, and much more.

Do you know the answer to this? 

It is because I love people in general and imaginative minds.  With so many running around chasing the dollar bills, which totally there absolutely nothing wrong with that at all.  That is like icing on the cake or extra icing if you are lucky.  But the money pales in comparison with the experiences, the relationships we build, and the lasting effect we have.

  Can You Relate To That? 

Unfortunately many can not.  But understand that we are a very special breed as the masses continue to be safe and busting their tails trying to get that promotion or 50 cent raise or less.  Seniors or individuals working at one job for 25 years, retire and then un-retire.

  Does that even make the slightest of sense?

There are far too many ways to make money these days to just sit on the sidelines to not even try.  Did I say that “M” word again?  The word that pales in comparison to many other things out there.  Yes I did and I feel that exact way just as before.

  For me it is all about the opportunity to have Freedom.

Yeah that too.  But not just that financial freedom part, but the freedom to create, imagine, dream big and set goals high.


Right now somewhere there is a 65 year old man working at Mc Donald’s because he thought he retired.  Or a man or woman is working 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet.

Oh and we are the crazy ones……….Yeah ok.


crazy marketing

My name is Nicholas Mintz and I am always looking forward to meeting and connecting with other like minded individuals. Business is my life and I will not rest until immense success comes to as many individuals as I can connect with. See you at the top.
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  • Nick Mintz

    So what is your why? Your reason why you do this thing called business.

  • Craig Caron

    My why is so me and my kids don’t have to be the ones at 65 working at McDonalds and collecting those social security checks not being able to even pay rent. Great post Nicholas

    • Nick Mintz

      Thanks and that is really funny. I always talk to people in my “real life” about that very point. Work 25 to 30 years for companies, retire and then go flip burgers. Can’t and won’t be me but the crazy thing is compared to the masses we are the crazy ones and that’s just plain crazy lol.

  • Derrick Harris

    Man great post. A lot of people that start in network marketing dont really have a why. My why is that I want to help my mother not have to struggle and to be able to help people that are coming online to make money because they have a very strong why but just cant figure out how to get ahead. I hate to see people struggling that have worked their butts off to try and get ahead.

    I remember promising my mother that one day she will not have to worry about anything because she took care of me and my 3 brothers and 1 sister all by herself working 2 jobs barely getting by.

    Thats for doing this post. It brings back memories to why I do what I do.

  • Frank Osorio

    Chasing “get rich tonight” programs are for those that don’t have what it takes. There’s no magic short cut to making it in our industry. You must earn it with determination. Thanks for sharing, great post!

  • Patrick Pierre

    Great Post Nicholas & thanks for sharing.