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Yes….. that’s me on video – cool ay?.

Yup…. Another week in the Quick Start Challenge 2018 and they thought it would be cool to make us do a video with a testimonial to the QSC – always much easier to just say it in words but I

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Mental Illness is REAL….

Hey there Well, this last week has been tough and I have put myself under quite a bit of pressure to get stuff DONE!!  I’m sure you know how I feel… Last week I was told about a friend of mine

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Moving along with Challenge…

Hey there Kiwi lady back again with another challenge set for me this week. Set up a ‘Triple Tier List Building System’ – easy ay?…… Well actually when you have certain tools and systems, then you have a “toolbox”. Thank goodness

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Am I Dreaming?


YES, you bet I am!! I’m dreaming because I’m designing my dream life, which is Week Two’s challenge of the “Quick Start Challenge”. Firstly, let’s step back a moment and let you in on why I have started building an

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30 Day challenge to bring in some $$…

“Gidday” from New Zealand, my name is Stacey and I welcome you to My Blog… So some background – Back in December 2017 I was becoming more and more disheartened in a job that I had loved and enjoyed doing

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Loving this Global NPN Training


Hi guys,  being new to all this online “stuff” it has been a pleasure going through the step by step instructions with each mission.  Some tasks will take me a while to really get a grip of it but keen

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TEST BLOG 5 super power magic words for better email conversions

Explain and talk about your subject…

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