Mental Illness is REAL….

Hey there

Well, this last week has been tough and I have put myself under quite a bit of pressure to get stuff DONE!!  I’m sure you know how I feel…

Last week I was told about a friend of mine who took his own life due to mental illness.

This is someone who always appeared happy, willing to help others, a very good all-round bloke!!

This should not happen to anyone where they are in a place they can’t escape from… sometimes it is too hard to ask for help and they do not see a way out.

I have to say it knocked me to hear this news and makes me more aware of others around me and ensuring we talk about stuff, don’t let things get on top of us…

I’m sure we all know of someone who has suffered from this terrible illness, and the grief it can cause for the family and friends around them.

In New Zealand, it is Mental Health Awareness Week and sometimes we just need to be aware of how many people Mental Illness affects, myself included…

My #1 tip Just be nice to people, you never know what they may be going through that you have no clue about

My #2 tip Make sure you do #1 EVERY day, not just this special week…

PLEASE if you ever feel it’s all too much reach out to someone so they can assure you it will all be ok with a little help…

This is our way of trying to overcome Mental Illness in New Zealand – you may have heard of it (or not)… check it out


“KIA KAHA” – be strong, get stuck in, keep going.

Have a Good Day everyone

Stacey xo


Stacey Day

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