Am I Dreaming?

YES, you bet I am!!

I’m dreaming because I’m designing my dream life, which is Week Two’s challenge of the “Quick Start Challenge”.

Firstly, let’s step back a moment and let you in on why I have started building an online business.

My husband works full-time and I have promised him for many years that I would ensure we were in a situation where I was earning sufficient income to  allow him to retire in his mid-fifties (he is now 51, so the target is not far away!)

I decided after leaving a job I was no longer enjoying that I wanted to be my own boss and never have to work for someone else – I will decide when I work and for how long – don’t get me wrong – I am more than happy to put in the hard yards, the long hours to achieve my dreams.

But, wouldn’t it be nice to only have to work one day, or maybe two days a week and have that residual income still coming into our bank account daily?

I certainly think so!  AND that is my goal….

Therefore, my online business income will cover:

  • all of our daily living expenses
  • having sold our current house, we are now living in a brand new house here in Timaru New Zealand, with views of the mountains and sea (mortgage free)
  • my husband and I will both have brand new vehicles every two years with full servicing covered on them
  • the debt that our daughters have due to studying for their degrees will be totally repaid
  • we will be travelling 3-4 months a year – ticking off all of our bucket list items
  • we will be doing voluntary work in our local community and in particular we want to set up a food and clothing bank for those who require additional support
  • as part of more voluntary work, my husband would love to be passing on his mountain bike skills to other adults and school children, and I am very keen to help out at the Cancer Society.

Now, getting back to designing my dream life….  My husband and I have talked and discussed this often while sitting in our spa pool looking at the stars.

Yes, we want to travel the world and in style…. First class all the way!  Cycling, walking, river cruises, castles, small villages, big cities, people watching and just enjoying being a part of a different culture and a different way of living.

We are avid All Blacks fans (well we do live in New Zealand!) – so following numerous All Blacks Rugby Tours would be the ultimate experience for us.


Also very keen mountain bikers, we would love to follow the CrankWorx mountain biking series in Rotorua NZ, Les Gets FRANCE, Innsbruck AUSTRIA and Whistler CANADA.

I want to buy my husband a brand new 2018 GT Mustang – charcoal colour (valued at $79990 NZD), and I want to give him the experience of flying in a World War Two Spitfire, from Biggin Hill – the most famous RAF Battle of Britain Fighter Base. (valued at $8000 NZD).

Recently, I have learnt more about financial investing and knowing that I want financial freedom ie covering all our monthly expenses fully with the income from my online business and investments.  I go by these five rules:

  1. save at least 10% of your income
  2. control your income and expenses
  3. protect your money
  4. learn how to invest wisely
  5. always learn to earn more

My goal to ensure our financial freedom means I need to be earning a residual income of $15,650 per month

Living expenses $2500

(power, gas, rates, insurances, phone, tv)

Food $600

Transport costs $550

(fuel, warrant of fitness, registration)

Clothing and misc $2000

(NEVER have to look at price tags again!!)

Entertainment, dining $2000

(including family and friends)   

Travel $5000

Reinvesting $3000

I don’t see this just as a DREAM, but something I can achieve and WILL achieve.

What’s your Dream Lifestyle?


Take the time to really think about where you want to be, and how long will it take you to get there – what are you doing now to live that dream?

Mauria te pono – “Believe in Yourself”

Stacey Day

Hi My name is Stacey Day – I am a wife, a mother, and a 50+ lady who decided that I needed to reinvent myself, Do something different, and Do something that will help others in an honest and ethical manner. I am fun, always eager and willing to learn, friendly, social, adaptable, and a good listener. I know the person I am - what I am good at, what I am not good at, what I love doing and why, and why I surround myself with people who are positive, motivated, have high morals, are caring, considerate, respectful and kind. After leaving a job that I was no longer enjoying and felt I was undervalued in, I then went looking online for not only the security, but the disposable income to carry me and my husband throughout retirement. I have to admit this process has been very slow but I honestly believe that I am now in a position to start helping others learn as well and I will do my very best to provide valuable information about how to make money from home, tools of the trade and how to reach those goals to establish a greater level of financial security and do the things you love! I love working from home, I enjoy the freedom it brings and absolutely LOVE being my Own Boss!!! You can too… I plan to live for many more years yet and I have a long list on my bucket list to tick off… So, let’s get cracking and get on with building a sustainable income and lifestyle together! Stacey Day

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  • Jacquie Wallis

    Great blog post Stacey. All the best in your journey. I’m sure you’ll get everything on your ‘bucket list’ ticked off & some 🙂

    • Stacey Day

      Awesome thank you Jacquie – i think we will all achieve our goals if we are determined enough 🙂

  • Derek Kaye

    Heya! My wife and I are looking for a nice, hot place to live! How about we build a nice shed in your back yard??? lol

    Great work, Stacey! All the best in business!


    • Stacey Day

      Welcome to come and live in New Zealand – we think its a pretty good place to live 🙂 Cheers Derek