Sixteen Reasons to Become a Member of Global NPN

Tools, Tools and More Tools.

1. Mail Marketer Pro (Your Own Fully Functional Autoresponder.)
2. MultiSponder Elite V2.0 (MultiSponder Elite V2.0 is our list builder system)
3. EZ-Mailer (You can import up to 1000 leads a day.)
4. Instant Blog (One Click is all it takes to setup your new Instant Blog!)
5. Power Hosting (Use an existing Domain or purchase a new one.)
6. Multi-Ad Tracker (Unlimited tracking links.)
7. Web Audio Now Make Your Own Web Audios.
8. Url Rotator and Banner Rotator.
9. Leads/prospects Manager.
10. Video Pages.
11. Video Email.
12. Inline Screen Casting.
13. FREE LeadSkimmer Upgrade.
14. Free Debit Card. (Master Card or Visa)
15. Easy to Use Tomorrow List. (Better than any calendar you can buy.)
16. An Excellent Compensation Plan. (Allows you to earn four different ways.)

For many years I lived in Vancouver, B.C. I owned a highly successful Home Renovation Business. In the fall of 1999 I decided to pursue my lifelong goal of teaching young children. I have a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of British Columbia. I had never taught as it was much more profitable to run my company. So after 27 years I decided to move to Taiwan where I started teaching. Then in 2006 I moved to Thailand to retire, I soon found I needed to do something more constructive with my life so I resumed teaching. The weather in Thailand is fantastic as is the golf not to mention the beaches, the people and the food. If you haven't visited yet you should.

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