Why Do Marketers Fail?

It might surprise you but the number one reason why
most marketers fail is they quit.

They never bothered to pursue their goals long enough.

They joined an excellent company with all the bells and
whistles and after a month of not having much success
they flat out quit.

Yet they have this burning desire to have a profitable
internet business.

I do not know what you do for a living. Whether you are
retired, working for someone or just plain slaving at a
job you hate.

Suppose for a minute you took the attitude of most
marketers and applied it to what you are doing in life
or what you did in life.

You found a good job, worked hard for a month and the
boss didn’t know your name, in fact they hadn’t even
spoken to you. So you quit.

No, no, no you didn’t quit. You never even thought of
quitting because you knew the consequences.

You kept on working your buns off. Hoping the boss
might notice you or the skills you possessed.

Why? Because it was your JOB. It was your life’s
work in some cases. You might have wanted to quit
at times but you never did. You hung in there and after
a few years you made it. The boss knew you, he even
liked you. Heck after two years he gave you a raise.

Do you see the difference here? People will work for
five or ten years to reach a comfortable position in
their company. Yet they will give up on the Internet
business they so desperately want in a month.

Pick a company, one you like, one that has no red flags,
one that pays, one that has support, one that has it’s
members in mind. Join it and work at it for two hours a
day five days a week for a year. (2 x 5 x 52 = 520 hours)

The marketer that quit might have worked a hour a day
for the first month. They expected to build their Internet
business (they so desperately wanted) in 20 hours.

So reflect for a minute. How many hours are you working
or how many hours did you work to get to that comfortable
feeling. Does five years for fifty hours a week sound
familiar. (5 years x 50 hours a week x 50 weeks)
That’s 12,500 hours to get to where you want to be.

I am only asking for 520 hours.
(Get in and work for a year.)

The results will astound you.
Click here to get started today.

Thank You,
Terrence Hopkins
GlobalNPNGold Admin
(615) 649 4546

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For many years I lived in Vancouver, B.C. I owned a highly successful Home Renovation Business. In the fall of 1999 I decided to pursue my lifelong goal of teaching young children. I have a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of British Columbia. I had never taught as it was much more profitable to run my company. So after 27 years I decided to move to Taiwan where I started teaching. Then in 2006 I moved to Thailand to retire, I soon found I needed to do something more constructive with my life so I resumed teaching. The weather in Thailand is fantastic as is the golf not to mention the beaches, the people and the food. If you haven't visited yet you should.

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