FeederMatrix Success! Exceeded last monthly corporate salary!

FeederMatrix Success!

In less than one month, I have exceeded my last monthly corporate job salary as a Programmer Analyst from 7 years ago after having been in that same job for 22 1/2 years. I did it with just $1.75 to start!

Proof positive that it works:

I started with just $1.75 and earned over $7,300 so far!

I started with just $1.75 and earned over $7,300 so far!

This is not your typical matrix where you only earn a percentage of $1.75 off of everyone in your matrix. If that would be the case, it would take a whole lot of people to earn any significant money.

We are earning 100% commissions and therefore it really is not MLM even though there is a matrix structure. By sharing it with as many people as possible as fast as you possibly can, you can build a significant income here. Everyone starts at $1.75. Everybody in the World can afford $1.75 to start a business. By locking in your position by upgrading to Level 1 and sharing this with as many people as possible, the $100,000 is possible for you. Some say that there is a limit to this business. This is not the case as one might be led to believe by the limited information on the website, but it is totally unlimited because the matrix expands.

You can earn your way up the chart with no other out of pocket money than $1.75 if you want to. Here is how. At package level 1, as 4 people pay you $1.75 100% commission, you have enough money to upgrade to package level 2. You are buying and selling digital download packages fully automated by the system. At package number 2, 2 people buying level 2 from you gives you money to go to 3 and so on up the chart to 8 where you will have the money to buy level 8 for $320 and then you can receive $320 as well as the $160s, the $80s, the $40s. the $20s, the $10s, the $5s, and the $1.75s unlimited times. So, this can be achieved with only $1.75 out of pocket if that is how you want to do it.

While you should bring as many people as possible to this to bring blessings to their lives, if all you ever did was bring 4 people and get them to do the same and so on down the line and you all did it in one week per level, you’d have nearly $6,000 at the end of the month and at the end of the second month if everyone did the same thing down the line, $100,000 can be achieved. Remember I told you that it is totally unlimited. The matrix actually expands. This is actually a 4 tier 2 stage marketing plan where you are basically paid 2 times by the same people for Digital Download Packages 1 and 5, 2 and 6, 3 and 7, and 4 and 8. There is a complete built in fear of loss system, as you have to be qualified to receive payments at the level someone sends a payment to you and below. The system is totally automated to let people know that they missed a sale if they are not qualified which creates activity and income.

Do not expect this to happen if you do not work. I recommend that you take this very seriously as a million dollar business because there are no limits here because the matrix expands! Only if you take this very seriously will you have the possibility of totally getting blessed financially with this. If you want to reach out and go for this for your family, then set up your payment processors at Pay pal and SolidTrust Pay and come and sign up, activate your position, and share and share and share your link to reach your goals.

Listen to this strategy to get to $100,000 in 60 days. Sam successfully implemented this strategy and earned $1,100 in one day. Click Here to Listen to 7 minute recording.

Please ONLY share your clickable referral link that will activate when you purchase package level 1 and after you are confirmed by the one that you purchase from. Do not tell people to go to FeederMatrix.com and give them your Inviter name. They may wind up with someone else. And you can only share your link after you upgrade to level one and the person you pay confirms you. Please be sure to ask people to be sure your username is in the Inviter field even when giving out your clickable link. This way, you will ensure they are under you. If using a GoDaddy redirect, use Forwarding only, not masking.

We get paid with SolidTrustPay and Pay pal. You’ll need to set both of these up if you don’t have them. Most people pay and get paid using Pay pal. If you don’t have STP, please get your account at http://stp.lylealexander.com . STP has a 2 level commission of 1% for all money moved in and out of the system. It really feels good to get those $320.00 payments in as well as all of the other payments that come in to my Pay pal and STP accounts. My highest day has been $670.00 earned in one day so far.

While your income will be based on your efforts and those you bring to this, there are no guarantees of how much you will earn.

This has been an incredible blessing for me. In less than one month, I exceeded my last monthly corporate job salary as a Programmer Analyst from 7 years ago after having been in that same job for 22 1/2 years.

So, if you want to go for your dreams and goals, join me and upgrade to Level 1 and get started! If you’d like to follow the four step system to get to $100,000 in 60 days, upgrade your account to Level 4 (5 would be better) in less than 24 hours and then start promoting. Some who have the ability are coming in and upgrading to Level 8 within 24 hours and start promoting. The key is to get started at the level you desire and then start sharing your link and never stop!

Share your business with everyone your know and I suggest going after the strongest people you know in the network marketing industry to start with a great foundation that will help propel your business forward as quickly as possible. Also, I highly recommend promoting all over the Internet on Facebook Advertising groups, Social Media, Traffic Exchanges, Safelists, and more. Read another one of my blogs for sources of these advertising venues at http://traffic.lylealexander.com .

Please be sure to have your payment processors set up and ready to pay before joining.

When you click the banner below or the earnings banner above, you will be taken to my personal website. Please make sure that the Inviter field on the Join page says proteam and you will be on my team.

In less than one month, I exceeded my last monthly corporate job salary as a Programmer Analyst.

In less than one month, I exceeded my last monthly corporate job salary as a Programmer Analyst.

Lyle Alexander

One of my favorite quotes is by Carl Sandberg - "Nothing happens unless first a dream". Your dreams have been given to you for a purpose by the Dream Giver. You simply must pursue them! Don't let the dream stealers get you off your path to success. I am a 30+ year veteran of the network marketing home based business industry. I have many experiences and experience to share with you. I am here to tell you that the Nos do not count. Only the Yeses do. So, keep going and going and going for that next Yes, no matter what! You can do it! Lyle Alexander is also a 4th Generation Farmer helping to take his family farm into 105 years on the same farm in Southwest Oklahoma. From this farm, on the Internet, I have successfully implemented business social networking techniques and have opened countries on every continent for network marketing companies.
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