Beware Of These Online Marketing Ploys

The number one goal of any business, online or offline, is…

to bring value to the market place. How do you bring value to the market place in an online business?Online Business Success
You bring value to the market place by:

  • building your business with honesty and integrity
  • constantly learning, growing
  • enjoying the process.

Whatever your product or service make sure it offers a viable solution for your customers.

You will enjoy what you are doing and sleep well at night if you put honesty and integrity first.

Watch out for these 3 online marketing tactics – they can waste your money and time.

1.  Do you really have enough information to make a good decision?

There are many advertisements, blog posts, videos, lead capture pages that say things like: “I made $20,000 in 5 days”. Is this a truthful statement? Well, it could be the truth for the original writer, but is this posted by the person who made the “$20,000 in 5 days” or by someone else promoting his videos? Does the statement “$20,000 in 5 days” have integrity? It can be very misleading for the purchaser.

The marketer who wrote the ad wants you to believe that if you buy his videos you can earn “$20,000 in 5 days”. The purchaser thinks, “Oh boy, this is going to be easy!”

However, you have no idea how much time he spent figuring everything out before he finally made “$20,000 in 5 days”. Has he been working online marketing for 5 years, 10 years? He may have made “$20,000 in 5 days” after many years of trying and his program will not explain all the details involved in getting him to where he is today.

2. Do you know how long the videos or program that promises “$20,000 in 5 days” has been on the market?

The internet is constantly changing and what worked two years ago for online businesses may not work at all today. You may be buying a program that is really no longer relevant for today’s market, but unfortunately  it is still available for sale.

3. Is there any immediate online support available?

Is there a place to go and ask questions when things don’t work out as expected? Or is it a do-it-yourself program; a program consisting of videos and nothing more?

Ongoing support is critical to creating a successful online business.

A profitable online business requires the same amount of planning, researching, and building as a  brick and mortar business.

Working with a supportive team of like-minded people and proven up-to-the-minute techniques and strategies is an enormous asset.

Quick tips for keeping it simple.

  • Before purchasing or joining a team – contact the seller and ask questions.
  • Find out if there is ongoing support – real people to connect with.
  • Ask about technical support  – how can you get help?

If  you truly want to grow your business online,  then find out more today.  

I am happy to connect with you on Facebook or Skype to answer your questions, help you get started, and keep in touch with you to in order to assist you in growing your business.

Talk to you soon,

Corinne Floyd




Corinne Floyd
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  • Pam Mckeen

    Thanks Corinne.Building a business based on honesty and integrity are important to the success of your business. It’s important to remember that your goal should be to retain your customers and serve them well.

    • Corinne Floyd

      “Here today – gone tomorrow “- not a philosophy that works for me – you are right Pam – giving good service is the goal.

  • Definitely honesty and integrity have to be the basis for a business. And of course, being prepared to bring the solutions your customers needs is essential for the survival of any business. Thanks, Corinne!

    • Corinne Floyd

      Yep- survival – persistence and being consistent are key value for success. Thanks for commenting Ligia