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Inspire others by using your blog and updating it frequently. Global NPN recently added an Instant Blog that’s simple to use. NPN is a  company that gives you tools like the NPN  MultiSponder Elite V2.0 to build your lists, setup autoresponders, send campaigns to your list, import your leads and more. The NPN CapturePage creator Elite helps you to create your capture pages, The NPN Leads Manager keeps track of and manages all your communication with your leads for better conversion rates.  The NPN Multi-Ad Tracker lets you know where your traffic is coming from and how it converts.

The NPN Downline Mailer sends communications to your complete downline with just a few simple steps. The NPN Url Rotator, and the NPN’s WebAudioNow!  is a very easy way to instantly put audio onto your webpage, blog and capture pages.  Anyone who is an NPN DIRECTOR level member or higher can use WebAudioNow!. You simply upload an audio file (.mp3) from your computer, and the Instant Web Audio System will automatically and instantly create an audio player and the html code for you to copy and paste to your own website.

Blogging is surely an awesome approach to promote a service or product compared to other ways of advertising your website or affiliate site.  Blogging can teach people to develop the drive to meet others, break the ice and learn about the other people they connect with. Guest blogs can be a great way to drive more traffic to your site, through guest blogging the blog owner could gain more business from the guest blogger’s followers. SEO professionals have used guest posting as a tool to obtain links back to a site from a variety of different domains.

Blogging can be addicting, like Hubpages. It is an approach to construct your brand.

Blogging is not an easy approach to build income unless the blogger consistently posts good content daily or several times a week.  Blogging is a good way of sharing your hobby or your passion and can even become a source of part-time income.

A group of supportive women called Better Womens Network are inspiring their members by using a blog to earn additional income.




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  • I agree Jen  – posts ‘age’ very quickly on the internet and if your blog is not current then it may not get many readers.