Building My Business With Better Women’s Network.


I’ve found this amazing group of women who are going to help me build an online business. 

They will help you too.

I don’t like to just jump into something without doing some research and one of the items that helped to convince me was this You Tube video about the social media.  You may find it interesting.

So now that you have watched this, is there a reason not to get involved?  I have to admit that I’ve been a bit relucant to get started, but with the support of others I’ve decided that it is time.  Time to  “Get it Done”!  The information that is availabe through the Better Business Women’s Network  makes it very easy to take the steps to move forward.  There  is absolutely no reason for me not to succeed.

It is my intention to retire from my “JOB” in the next couple of years and I want to have something as a back-up plan with a residual income to allow me to enjoy my retirement.  This is going to be how I do it.

I’ve set some goals for myself for 2013:

  • to get better at blogging
  • to introduce other women to this wonderful opportunity
  • to educate myself with the assistance of others in Better Women’s Networking, and
  • to continue to grow in my business.

These will be updated or added to as time goes on.

If you are willing to put some time and energy into this, we can and will help you.  Through the resources offered through Better Women’s Network  you too will be able to start blogging, use an autoresponder, mass emailing and many other items that I haven’t even investigated yet.  The best part is that you can do all of this by putting in just 15 minutes per day.  Still interested?

 If it’s meant to be…. it’s up to me!

Pat Campbell

P.S.  This blog was created in Global NPN.

P.P.S:  The Better Women’s Network is a network of women helping women succeed in an online business.  Click  the Banner below to watch a short video about the Better Women’s Network



I am a beginning blogger and I recently found a great group of ladies in the Better Women's Network that I am working with. My goal is to create an online business for myself, and help other women to do the same to create some extra income that can be used to look after my family - human and animal. If you have any questions or comments I would be delighted to hear them. You can reach me on Skype at pat.campbell70 or by email at Income Disclaimer
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  • Thanks Pat for finding and posting this great video.  Many women who watch this video will be excited to start building an income online.  The problem for many of them is that they won’t know how or where to really get started and be successful.  This is where Better Women’s Network can really make a difference and help every woman be successful – especially with the 15 minutes per day tasks – absolutely perfect for today’s busy women.