Five Reasons that Lead People to Want to Learn Spanish

Spanish_WordsWhy on earth would someone want to learn Spanish? There are plenty of reasons that lead people to want to learn Spanish. After all it’s a very popular and beautiful language. Did you know that there are approximately 400 million people, in 21 different countries, whose native language is Spanish? Actually, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world after Mandarin.

Here are the five most popular reasons that lead people to want to learn Spanish:

  1. It’s a simple and easy language to learn. There are many words in the Spanish vocabulary that are similar to those of English. You basically pronounce the words the same way you write them.
  2. Knowing Spanish may mean a better opportunity in the job market, including the areas of international trade, tourism, education, and health. At least, that’s the case in North America. There are Latin American or Spanish speaking families all over United States who either don’t speak English or speak very little. So, being able to communicate with them in their native language gives you a head start over your competition.
  3. It opens new horizons when you travel. Is it really necessary to speak Spanish when you travel? Not really. But, it surely makes your trip more interesting when you able to communicate with the natives in their own language. And it certainly gives you a better sense of confidence. It’s also wonderful to know what people around you are saying.
  4. Learning Spanish can help you have a better cultural understanding. You are able to read Latin magazines and newspapers, to understand the lyrics of Hispanic music and consequently, to better understand how they think, feel and behave.
  5. For some people, the simple pleasure of learning a new language and conquering its challenges and the thrill of mastering certain fluency in it is a good enough reason to study it. I’m included in this group.

Although learning a foreign language can mean hard work for some people, the efforts quickly pay off when you finally are able to show off your skills. Whether you enjoy conversing, reading, or listening to music, Spanish can surely spice up your life.

Spanish has proved to be a foreign language that offers the most rewards with the least efforts. It’s never too late to start learning it. Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today!

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  • Luba Kanch

    Thanks for sharing Ligia. Learning a language is great for the brain too. I have noticed ever since I started teaching my daughter how to read and write another language her English school studies improved as well! :O)

    •  Definitely Luba! Learning a language not only keeps your mind sharp, but it gives you insight into your own language. That’s cool that you’re helping your daughter with another language. Which one?

      • Luba Kanch

        Definitely Ligia!
        I am teaching Russian. My parents taught us and I’m continuing it on. Shes loving it and its very rewarding to see how she has suddenly picking up 2 languages! 🙂

        • Russian is a beautiful language! I would love to learn it too!

  • Good points Ligia.  Actually my sister has been studying Spanish for a few years now.  She lives in Victoria BC and in Arizona during the winter.  She started to learn Spanish because she likes to travel – as you mention in point number 3 – and wants to be able to understand and converse in Spanish.

  • pammckeen

    Being able to speak more than one language is a wonderful skill to have. I have heard that learning a new language is good for the brain.A very interesting post Ligia.