Setting Goals is Essential for Life and Business

I am part of Better Women’s Network which is a group of women in business helping each other to grow. The leaders of this group give us 15 minute-tasks every day that guide us towards the direction we should go with a business online. Recently, we were asked to write down our goals for life and business.

Why is it important to write down your goals? You need to have a plan for your life and your business.  What do you envision yourself and your family doing this year or in the near future?  How is your business going to grow? Do you have a dream for further years?

You should write down everything that comes to mind. Then, you separate the items as follows:

  • short-term  goals = one year
  • mid-term goals = one to three years
  • long-term goals = three years and beyond


Here is an example of how you can itemize your goals:

1.    My Short-Term Goals (1 year)

–          Learn how to use Pinterest

–          Spend at least 2 hours/day on my online business

–          Renew my library card

–          Go back to exercising 3 times a week

–          Renew my Brazilian passport

–          Start earning $ 1,000/month online

–          Order business cards

–          Learn simultaneous interpreting


2.    My Mid-Term Goals (1-3 years)

–          Grow my tutoring business

–          Start making $ 3,000/month online

–          Start a personal blog

–          Do simultaneous interpreting in church as needed

–          Negotiate some debt and pay it

–          Visit my family in Brazil

–          Travel to Israel, the land of the Bible

João Pessoa, Brazil

João Pessoa, Brazil

3.    My Long-Term Goals (3 years +)

–          To buy a vacation home on a beach in João Pessoa, Brazil, my hometown

–          Spend 6 months in Germany to learn German while visiting family

–          Spend 6 months in Italy to learn Italian

–          To travel around Europe to experience the different languages and cultures


As you can see setting goals is something very practical that gives you a sense of purpose and direction. They are measurable, achievable and time-targeted goals. You can be very specific and determine how and when you’re going to accomplish each goal. So, it’s important to have your list of goals handy as you go through them and cross them out.


Goal setting is a very effective tool that enables you to move forward. And every time you successfully achieve a goal, you feel encouraged to keep on going. And of course, goal setting is something flexible: as you accomplish certain goals and grow, it will be very natural to add or make changes to your goals.


Thank you Better Women’s Network for helping me understand that goal setting is essential for life and business.

P.S. If you want to talk about goal setting or ask questions about starting a business online, please contact me on Facebook.


Thank you for visiting my blog. Well, believe it or nor I’m originally from Brazil, but I married to an American and have lived in California for the past 14 years. When I first came to America, I was able to work at some regular jobs as a secretary, a teacher’s aide, and an interpreter. However, at the end of 2009, I found myself without a job and competing with a younger generation. Get the picture? Today, I’m very thankful I found Better Women Network, a concerned group of women supporting and mentoring other women, regardless of their age, to help them learn how to make money online using an online platform called Global NPN. Please, read my Earnings Disclaimer.
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  • It is sooo powerful writing your own goals because it is so cool to tick them off once they are complete and the really cool thing is next time you do your goals they get BIGGER. I do my every solstice. Have been doing so for 15 years since learning what Solstice was all about via reading a bunch of Stuart Wilde books. You Totally Rock!!!!

    •  Thanks Leanne for you continuous support! I’m starting to cross them out.

    • Guest

      Thank you Leanne for your support. The last two months has been an incredible journey at Better Women’s Network.

  • Luba Kanch

    Great job Ligia!
    You know where you are going and that is crucial to goal setting steps! :O)
    I can see you flying through them-Have a great time!

    • Thanks to you, Luba and BWN wonderful team, I now understand the importance of goal setting.

  • pammckeen

    Writing your goals down is like giving yourself a road map to follow.Now you know what direction you’re headed and the result you will achieve by the time you get there. All the best with achieving your goals Ligia. Your accomplishments will bring you great rewards.

    •  Definitely, now I have a road map! Thanks for stopping by, Pam.