Ten Steps to Success

How do we define Success?

successWho doesn’t wish to have success in life? I believe we all do. However, people view success in different ways. Some want to be successful in their careers; others in marriage; others in being an example to their family and friends; others in pursuing a healthy life…

Most people define success as an accomplishment. And that’s exactly what the dictionary says it is. According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, “success is the achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted.” I recently found a new definition of success that I like a lot.

According to the motivational speaker John Maxwell, “success is not a destination – it’s a journey.” He illustrates his point by using a very common situation. When you go to college and receive a diploma, it doesn’t mean that you’re now successful. You may very well put it away and never look at it again, and not even pursue a carrier with it. A diploma, however, is the recognition for the steps that you took during your years in college. You were successful every time you made an effort or took a step towards that diploma.

Success is a daily thing. It’s not far away and in a distant future. Every day we make decisions. Suppose you’ve made the decision to become an online marketer. It’s not the decision that makes you successful, but the actions you take on that decision. It’s great to have a dream, a vision that motivates you move forward. However, just thinking about it will take you nowhere. Value your today and take the steps you need to arrive at that tomorrow.

Your 10 steps to success:

1)      Establish your vision or goal and put it in written form: It’s very important to write it down because it gives you a sense of reality.

2)      Design a plan to guide you to achieve your goal: I’m sure you’ve heard before sometime like – if  you don’t have a plan, you’ll inevitably fail.

3)      Write down your daily tasks and follow through: Writing your daily tasks down helps you to keep focused.

4)      Create the habit of following your agenda plan: Some people, among which I’m included, need to create the habit of following an agenda.

5)      Don’t dwell in the past; think of your mistakes as stepping stones:  Sometimes, we may think “why didn’t I do this or that?” You can’t go back in time. Just use whatever happened in the past as a lesson to propel you forward.

6)      Every day counts, so don’t let anything hinder your daily action plan: If you miss your daily action that means you’ll have to make up for it tomorrow. Well, that will happen sometimes, just don’t let it become a habit or it will affect your steps to success, and discourage you.

7)      Determine what time of the day you perform at your best, and make it your daily schedule:  Some people function better in the early mornings, some prefer nights…  Just make sure you follow the chosen schedule. After all, this is your business, so you need to work at it every day.

8)      Don’t let fear stop you:  Hard decisions or situations will come, but don’t let them scare you off.

9)      Choose a way of relaxation  to get your mind off work at least a day a week: It’s humanly impossible to have performance excellence without a day’s rest. And also make sure you take short breaks between long tasks. Resting will refresh and help you perform better.

10)   Count every step you take toward your goal as success: Remember that you’re successful every time you take action towards arriving at your final goal or greatest potential. So, make sure you value them, and be thankful.

Chick on John Maxwell’s name to watch his video talking about success.

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  • Luba Kanch

    Great topic Ligia! Thanks for the Inspiration 🙂

    • Thank you, Luba! I’m glad you felt inspired.

  • Hi Ligia,

    Great post. Success is so subjective. It can take time to see results, but we have to take steps to really appreciate all the little things we achieve as we move towards our goals.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Beth 🙂

    • That’s why I like John Maxwell’s concept of success – every action that moves you toward your goal is success. Thinking this way helps you to feel less frustrated. That’s for stopping by Beth.

  • Melanie Jenner

    Great Post Ligia. These steps are a great reminder to help stay focused working online! 🙂

    • Thanks, Melanie! That’s the idea. I have to keep reminding myself to keep focused.