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Hello again!

As promised, here is part 3 of the Goal setting trilogy – a task set to all of the women in The Better Womens Network as part of our ongoing training and development.

This post is about “Mindset”. How do you get yourself in the right frame of mind to achieve your goals?

I’ll tell you what I do, just in case you need some inspiration. Some ideas to help you “switch on” the part of your mind that allows you to believe that you are deserving and open to allowing your dreams to come true.

  • Every day, I either read or listen to personal development books or videos. First thing in the morning upon awakening is a great time to do this as well as last thing at night before you go to sleep.
  • I use Inspired Living App on my phone to watch a video of a motivational personal development speaker. I also read a couple of chapters of a book. At the moment I am reading “The Charge” by Brendon Burchard. I recently finished “Life’s Golden Ticket” by the same author – a really hard to put down book!
  • I also surround myself with like-minded people who I talk to regularly, follow their blogs and interact with either on the phone or by email. The Better Womens Network is full of women who like me, needed to find a supportive environment where we are lifted and congratulated on every achievement – no matter how small.

Please leave a comment below to tell me how you achieve your ideal mindset each day. Also tell me what your challenges are – you never know who you might meet to overcome them if you get connected to the right network!

Join Better Womens Network today – FOR FREE! Let us show you how you can be supported and shown the way to develop and grow into a successful Woman whether your business is online or not. I’d love to get to know you and show you the way. For any gentlemen reading this – stay in touch as there is a group just for you coming very soon!522075_4417826279592_2094534403_n

Believe, Achieve and Teach!

Stay Beautiful



Hi, My name is Sonia and I have had many titles and roles to date, being the mother of four awesome children who are now all grown up I'm 'Mum'. I've worked for retail giants, Real Estate Agents, Authors and Editors, I've been an advertising co ordinator, a receptionist, a manager, a travelling sales rep, a telemarketer, a spruiker, a karaoke host and an employment consultant. I am passionate about people and am now an entrepreneur with a vision to help as many people as I possibly can realise their dreams through engaging them and showing them tools that work! I'm still a mum. I still go out and do a few hours work for an employer that I love and I'm also still hosting karaoke shows - yes, I can sing a little too. I also own two fantastic businesses that I run from the comfort of wherever I can get internet access. If you'd like to know more, please contact me via facebook

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  • Great post on mindset Sonia. I am going to check out that app! I also like listening to audios and podcasts on personal development. It helps motivate me and keep my thinking positive! Thanks for sharing!