Don’t shake on bets with your kids!

imagesCAJ3RG8STodays little tale is about how one night I shook on a bet with one of my darling daughters for the sum of one million dollars!

That’s right. I shook on a million dollar bet while watching a game show – The Million Dollar Drop.

Now my daughter won’t mind me saying, as she admits it herself – and besides, she’d never read my blogs anyway, but she is not at all academic. She doesn’t like to read and did not do very well at school – all of my efforts and encouragement were in vain. She did not like the effort it took to educate herself. I might add though that she is doing well in her job and does enjoy working – she also has an uncanny way of finding money right when she needs it.

On this particular night, we were watching The Million Dollar drop and my daughter was getting frustrated that I was getting so many of the answers correct while she was wildly guessing. Anyway, one question did stump me and I had to think about it for a bit. While I was deciding between two possible answers, my daughter announced her decision to stick with one particular answer. I assured her that she wouldn’t be correct, explaining the logic in all of the multiple choice answers. Well, my daughter announced ‘I’ll bet you a million dollars that I’m right! Shake on it!”. With a huge grin and confidence in my knowledge over hers, I shook her hand. The deal was on.

We sat waiting on the edge of our seats as ‘we’ll be right back after the break”! My daughter squeeled in frustration as she waited to find out if her mum was going to owe her a million dollars.

The ad break over, we sat glued to the screen as the TV show host repeated the question and the answers. The game show contestants visibly nervous as they looked at the million dollars in front of them – tentatively placed in strategic piles on the answers they had thought through.

untitledThen, the answer. The contestants lost their money. And so did I! My daughter jumped in air, shouting loudly to anyone that would listen “MUM OWES ME A MILLION BUCKS!”

To this very day, she has not let me forget our bet. Every lotto ticket I put on, my daughter is with me and reminds me that of my millions should I win, I still owe her one of them.

So here I am. One Million Dollars in debt – and then some! One of the many reasons that I joined The Better Womens Network! I saw the potential to learn and be coached and mentored into getting the most out of my business efforts online – I had multiple streams of income set up but had no idea how to generate interest, market myself or get the most out of the knowledge I have acquired over the past decade I’ve spent online and on books, learning how to become independantly wealthy. I joined The Better Womens Network and now have so many tools and simply the best mentoring and help a girl could ever hope to get in the wide world of Online Marketing.

So, to my dear daughter (I know you won’t read this now but some day you might). All of the hours I spend in my webinars, writing blogs or I am on the phone to people as I mentor and guide them as I have been, I’m doing this for me but also for you AND your siblings so that you may see a better way in the future rather than working for someone else and making them wealthy.

Do yourself a favour, check out The Better Womens Network. It is FREE to join right now so that you can see for yourself how much you can benefit from the support and training that we provide.




Remember to be careful what you say to your kids!

Keep Smiling!


Hi, My name is Sonia and I have had many titles and roles to date, being the mother of four awesome children who are now all grown up I'm 'Mum'. I've worked for retail giants, Real Estate Agents, Authors and Editors, I've been an advertising co ordinator, a receptionist, a manager, a travelling sales rep, a telemarketer, a spruiker, a karaoke host and an employment consultant. I am passionate about people and am now an entrepreneur with a vision to help as many people as I possibly can realise their dreams through engaging them and showing them tools that work! I'm still a mum. I still go out and do a few hours work for an employer that I love and I'm also still hosting karaoke shows - yes, I can sing a little too. I also own two fantastic businesses that I run from the comfort of wherever I can get internet access. If you'd like to know more, please contact me via facebook

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  • Luba Kanch

    Great blog! They always say 1st MILL is always the hardest – but when you have the right attitude, not a problem. 🙂 see you there!

    • Thanks Luba! Any tips on spreading my blog further to get more feedback?

  • Haha, that should have taught you a Lifetime lesson. Make sure she is not charging you any interest on that $1M.
    Enjoyed reading this.