Do You Have Passion?

passion wordsIf you are online, you are here for a few reasons. One, you like researching and reading about different topics and the internet is a fantastic resource for this. Two, you like to connect with people or play games – a great passtime and a fantastic way to keep up with friends and family in our time poor society where work comes before anything else. Or three, you are looking for a way to earn money from home so that you can be time rich and financially secure into retirement and beyond.

I remember when I first had access to the internet. It would have been in 1995, I was pregnant with my beautiful twin girls and thought that it was pretty cool to find pictures of animals on the net. Not long after, I discovered online chatrooms – ICQ was a favourite back then. I chatted to several different people about pretty much nothing under the guise of the name ‘Charlie’ so that I didn’t have to put up with being ‘hit on’ by men looking for cybersex! Mind you I did upset a few girls who thought I was a guy and that’s what they were online for!

Then along came My Space – well, I was an expert in no time at uploading photo’s, finding cutsie pictures and adding friends to share my photo albums with – not much more than that really. When Facebook came along, I was pretty loyal to My Space and boo hooed anyone talking of Facebook as when I signed up for an account, it was only available to network internally at work with colleagues and it was ever so boring.

Fast forward a couple of years to about 2007 and a friend asked me if I had a Facebook account. I responded that I did but I didn’t use it. They convinced me to take a look now as it had opened up to public access and was really cool. I checked it out and saw that several people were now using it, sending each other lollies, shoes and smiles. Cute. I still didn’t really do much with my account but one of the best things in my life happened through Facebook – well one of the first things anyway.

You see, I had not heard nor seen any of my family from the UK for about 30 years. One of my cousins found me through Facebook (even though I’d been a member of Genes Reunited for ages) and sent me a message asking if I was me! Thanks to Facebook, I am now back in touch with all of my family members on a regular basis. We share photo’s and experiences, we send our messages of love and encouragement through good times and hard times. Old school friends are also another group, and past acquaintances, best friends and even better, my sister too. Can you relate? Has this happened to you?

The next best thing that has happened by being online, and particularly by using Facebook, is the new friends I have made. The associations I am a part of AND the business opportunities that abound. The latter can be overwhelming to say the least and it certainly helps to be connected with like-minded people, in particular women, who like me want the freedom that having your own business from home can bring. One particular lady, who I first connected with back in 2008 has had a HUGE part to play in where I am right now. Her name is Luba Kanch and she introduced me to the The Better Womens Network!

Now, even though I’ve known Luba all this time – and she had told me about The Better Womens Network before now – I have only just truly seen the value in what was being gifted to me in having a friend like Luba. We lost touch for a while (Facebook unfriends people you don’t connect with on a regular basis you know!) but last year, Luba connected with me again and told me about Better Womens Network. It didn’t seem like a fit for me back then. I still kept Luba as a friend and saw her regular posts and watched her (stalked her more like it as I didn’t really interact all that much!) and I am so very glad that I did.

passion picutreI have recently joined The Better Womens Network as I have now experienced a lot more of what is available out in the vast world of Facebook and the internet. I realised that if I wanted to be a success story, that I would be needing some help. A hand to hold, a mentor and guide. I needed someone that had trodden a similar path to that which I wanted to follow. Luba has provided all of that and more, connecting me not only to The Better Womens Network but by becoming a friend who will chat to me on the phone, help me brainstorm blog ideas when I come up blank. I’ve been with similar organisations that provided tools to help me with my online business but nothing can compare to the support and the education I get with the wonderful women in The Better Womens Network, nor the money I’m saving by having all of my needs met in one place! PLUS the earnings potential!

How about you? Are you sinking or swimming? How would you like to join me so that I can pay forward all that I have learned from Luba – and yes, you will get to speak with her and learn from her too as well as all of the other wonderful women in this fantastic community. You can find me on Facebook – private message me – or click on any of the links throughout this article to connect with Better Women today.

Believe, Achieve, Teach! Keep Smiling Soni

Believe, Achieve, Teach!
Keep Smiling



Hi, My name is Sonia and I have had many titles and roles to date, being the mother of four awesome children who are now all grown up I'm 'Mum'. I've worked for retail giants, Real Estate Agents, Authors and Editors, I've been an advertising co ordinator, a receptionist, a manager, a travelling sales rep, a telemarketer, a spruiker, a karaoke host and an employment consultant. I am passionate about people and am now an entrepreneur with a vision to help as many people as I possibly can realise their dreams through engaging them and showing them tools that work! I'm still a mum. I still go out and do a few hours work for an employer that I love and I'm also still hosting karaoke shows - yes, I can sing a little too. I also own two fantastic businesses that I run from the comfort of wherever I can get internet access. If you'd like to know more, please contact me via facebook

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  • Luba Kanch

    Thank you Sonia for this great blog!

    I am so glad you have got so much from your experience with BETTER WOMEN’S NETWORK. Its great to have met and to be able to have a great friend and business colleague like yourself. Brainstorming and support is so important and this is why I love being apart of this fantastic organization.

    What I have learned is my gut feelings are right – although we never spoke I felt we would become friends and are like-minded. It just proves great connections do form from just words through posts/emails at first.

    Your attitude and commitment will get you far
    and I will be watching you reach the stars!

    Best wishes,

  • As the token Bloke I would like to say how great it is to see so many women joining together to achieve great things online.

    Sonia, this is a great post on your blog…..sharing your story and your vision for the future online.

    Best wishes