Empire Avenue Explained

Have you recentlempire avenuey joined Empire Avenue and been receiving a bucketload of emails from people that have ‘invested’ in you? Are you feeling overwhelmed with no idea what to do next? Are you wondering if it’s even worth the effort? I’ve been there, asked myself the same question and decided that it may be THE place to be seen – more connections in newer places AND new relationships to be found. So, I’ve put together this brief blog to share the information that was shared with me in case you didn’t get it!

Here’s how to get the most out of a fast start on Empire Avenue:

  1. Read and digest      http://j.mp/EAtips
  2. If you haven’t already go here and get app http://j.mp/getKLOUT
  3. Then, register with http://j.mp/XEEME
  4. Invest a few shares in everyone who has invested in you! Connect all your networks as soon as possible to avoid being SOLD accidentally (I’ve been sold by leaving it too long!)

I completed step 4 by setting up the following:

I saved all of the Empire Avenue email I was getting into a new sub folder in my email inbox. They were coming thick and fast so I just kept dragging and dropping them into my ‘EA’ folder to wait until I was ready to go through them.

Then, I began with the oldest first and clicked on the person who had ‘invested’ in me. After signing in, I was ready to roll! It is very easy to follow once you are in.

When on another person’s profile, you click the ‘Invest’ button, look at how much their shares are worth and work out how much you can spare to invest in them (you obviously want to invest in as many other people as possible before running out of your investment funds – which by the way are provided totally free of charge!

5. You earn more to invest more by investing, sharing and performing EA Missions (I’ll explain more about missions in another blog).

social media

Now, be sure to go to  http://j.mp/EAtips – read all of the instructions and complete each step – and have fun!

I have already connected with new people on Facebook by using Empire Avenue – people I may never have met otherwise. Be sure to share this blog with all of your connections too so that they can be a part of this Social Media Rocket Fuel!




Hi, My name is Sonia and I have had many titles and roles to date, being the mother of four awesome children who are now all grown up I'm 'Mum'. I've worked for retail giants, Real Estate Agents, Authors and Editors, I've been an advertising co ordinator, a receptionist, a manager, a travelling sales rep, a telemarketer, a spruiker, a karaoke host and an employment consultant. I am passionate about people and am now an entrepreneur with a vision to help as many people as I possibly can realise their dreams through engaging them and showing them tools that work! I'm still a mum. I still go out and do a few hours work for an employer that I love and I'm also still hosting karaoke shows - yes, I can sing a little too. I also own two fantastic businesses that I run from the comfort of wherever I can get internet access. If you'd like to know more, please contact me via facebook

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  • Luba Kanch

    Great post Sonia! 1 that I truly needed to know. This is going to be great to have for people that need to be educated in this new application. awesome 🙂

  • Yes, Sonia. I joined Empire Avenue and felt totally overwhelmed. So, I’m choosing not to pursue it. I think I can better use my time elsewhere.