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Recently I was asked where and how I came by my images for my blog. So today I would like to tell you where I get them from. The answer is simple – Google and I will show you the correct way to get your images.

Just search in Google for “Google Advanced Images Search.”

Royalty Free images (4)

Click on this and you will see this screen appear.

royalty free images

You can fill out as much of this as you feel you have to. Each line explains what you can do.The most important thing you must do here is click on the drop down box on the last line – “usage rights.”  The one you must choose is:

ScreenHunter_05 Jun. 23 09.26

Before you download any photos make sure that the words “labeled for commercial reuse with modification” are at the top of your screen.

ScreenHunter_06 Jun. 23 09.31
If you have not used this site for royalty free images, I would urge you to use this method and you know that you are not infringing on copyright.

So if you have found this helpful, leave me a comment.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald

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  • Frank Osorio

    Sue thanks for the FREE Golden Nugget! Marketers, blogging isn’t hard, Sue is a fine example. Just share your wisdom with others.

    Thanks Sue!
    Frank Osorio

    • Hi Frank

      Thanks for those kind words. I was shown this by someone who used to work at Google and I decided to share.

      To YOUR success

      Sue McDonald

  • Corinne Floyd

    Thanks Sue – I will check it out.

    • Hi Corinne

      Thanks for the visit. I use this to get most of my images.

      To YOUR success

      Sue McDonald

  • Angela

    Great information Sue
    Thanks I will check it out

    • Hi Angela

      It is a great source for images. Enjoy your journey.

      To YOUR success

      Sue McDonald