Ways to Increase Your Subscribers

Earlier on today, attended an information packed webinar with Craig Caron. If you missed it you can get a replay but there is nothing like being there and listening to Craig’s words of wisdom. The webinar was all about increasing your subscribers.

Basically Craig was telling us the methods he uses himself to increase his visitors. The thing is I probably know of at least 75% of the methods he was showing but I don’t always use them. So a change and shift in my thinking, I am about to embark on using all of the strategies that he talked about.

Here are just a few of the strategies he suggested we use:
Press releases
Audio submission
Video Marketing
PDF sharing
Slide share.

Now as he says – you can do them all yourself or you can outsource them and a great place to go to get these outsourced is Fiverr. Fiverr have some great gigs there and it normally only cost five dollars for a single gig. ways to increase your subscribers

Now if you have never used Fiverr it is a great place to get tons of gigs done. There are people who are willing to do all types of tasks for just five dollars. A tip if you are looking for someone to do some work for you always search by ratings. Read what they are offering for the service they will do for you.

There are other places you can go to outsource your work but there is nowhere as cheap and you can see at a glance, what each person is offering.

Every Monday night at 9pm EDT, Craig will be doing a webinar so I suggest that you sign up and don’t miss out. He is willing to share information that other people would want to charge you for. So I hope you get to the next webinar and find out how to grow your business.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald

I live on the Gold Coast In Australia which is a gorgeous part of the world. I have a master degree in Metaphysics and I love helping people. I love traveling and hope to go on another trip soon. This is why I want to be successful online so I can travel as much as I want. You can work online anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

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  • Craig Caron

    Thanks Sue for such an insightful article. Appreciate the shout out as well. Thanks for all that you do Sue.

    • Hi Craig

      I would like to thank you for all you do for so many people. You are always willing to put yourself out there.

      To YOUR success

      Sue McDonald

  • Jen Honickman

    Great article Sue. But do you have any suggestions for content of the articles to submit using Fiverr? Do you agree with blogging about any topic that interests you or do you just stick with Internet Marketing?

    • Hi Jen

      Every so often I do a personal blog. I will be doing one again soon when I catch up with my grandson. He is following his passion and I admire him and the family for allowing him to do it. He is a surf photographer and started at the age of 11. So yes I will write about him again.

      To YOUR success

      Sue McDonald