The “right time” to Start Making Money in a Home Business

Behold….a cautionary tale…
I know a guy named Michael.
For as long as I’ve known him (years),
he’s been “looking at home businesses”.
I THINK he might have joined one back in
the 1990s.  
But, usually he’s just watching…checking them
out…. “doing his due diligence”.
I asked him once:
“Michael, you’ve been 
standing on the sidelines for years…..
…and in the time that you’ve been waiting
on the sidelines, you’ve seen me earn 
thousands of dollars per DAY….
…what’s holding you back.”
His answer:  “I’m waiting for the right time.”

For Michael, “waiting for the right time” has
cost him a fortune.  
The last time I heard from Michael was on
Facebook awhile back. 
He’s unemployed..…makes no money….and
is still “waiting for the right time.”
Here’s The Truth About “The Right Time”….
Most people think that the “right time” to start
making money in a home business is
– you’ve got enough money in the bank to make it comfortable
– you have more free time
– the kids are out of the house
– you find an idea that no one else has thought of
– you’re the first person to join the company
– you’re out of debt
– after you graduate college
– after you retire
– after you’ve worked out all the kinks
– after you do some more weeks of “due diligence”
– when your family approves of your plan
– when you find a business your friends won’t laugh at
– after you get your tax refund
– when you save up some money to get going
And none of that is true.
It’s all made-up.
The BEST time to start has already passed.

Because the BEST time was whenever it FIRST crossed
your mind to think, “I need to make a change and get some
money coming in here.”
It was last year.  Or last month.  Or last week.  Or yesterday.
Whenever it was that you said, “I need to make a change
and get some money coming in here.”
That would have been the best time to start.
So, the SECOND-BEST time to start is right NOW.
 Procrastination is the BIG KILLER of success.
It’s costing you money every day you wait.
See you on the inside!
I'm part of a big family here in the Matanuska Valley where my parents moved from Wisconsin in 1935. I lived and worked in Thailand for three years but most of my life has been spent in Alaska. I love the internet and internet marketing... How did we live without?
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