Don’t Be Preyed Upon

Do not be preyed upon in this industry. There are a lot of predators that prey on people in this industry of MLM and internet marketing. I would like to blog about this today.

There are so many opportunities out here, some are legitimate and some are not so legitimate. One thing that just about all of the opportunities promise is the opportunity to work from home and make a good income and retire from the 9-5 grind. Also that the products in these companies will sell itself. A lot of these gurus or should I called them predators know that people wanna get out of the workforce, spend more time with their families, go on a nice vacation or 2, which is nothing wrong with that. One thing that these companies and gurus know is that people want instant gratification. How do they know this, well one thing is that some of these gurus study or have studied human behavior. Some may have studied psychology and even have degrees in psychology which is human behavior. Another thing is that we live in a society where we are impatient and we want what we want now. So of course these people know that, so they prey on other people’s wants and desires.

So how can we not get preyed upon? Well main thing is do not fall for every single opportunity that somebody presents to you. Also, do not be afraid to do research on the company, product, and even the people in the company. Also, when you fine a legitimate opportunity, get into it and stick with it and try to succeed at that company, because every company and guru will promise the moon and stars in 30 days if you get my meaning, but one thing you will learned is that it takes patience and work in order to be successful in MLM and internet marketing. I know I have had to learned the hard way and still is learning.

So just be careful out there, as rewarding and prosperous this industry can be, it is also very competitive and their or a lot of sharks out there looking for blood. So please do not get preyed upon.

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  • Corinne Floyd

    Hi Brandon – so true – I like the way you explain that many of these ‘predators’ have studied psychology/human behaviour – This is very true – I guess I knew it, but it never really registered until I read your article.

  • Angela

    Very true Brandon. You have to work at anything consistently to gain success. This is not a get rich quick industry that some of these ‘predators’ would have us believe

  • Hey thanks for the reminder Brandon. Your are right. Part of marketing is to learn and study human behavior, but there are those who take it beyond and do prey on people just for a buck.
    Taking action doesn’t always involve a bank or credit card transaction! Study how these “Guru’s” operate…we could go on for days…thanks for sharing Brandon! Great post my friend.

  • Brandon Tucker

    Interesting point you said that, about studying how these gurus work, good Roger, appreciate your comment Roger, also Angela and Corrine, appreciate your comments as well.

  • I wish I had read an article like this years ago. It might have helped avoid falling in some of those schemes.