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Blogging Tips Top 10 List

Blogging Tips I know this isn’t a new concept..a top whatever list with blogging tips, wow this should be interesting right? Well it’s my hope that you do find some value from this list.

Why? because this list isn’t about SEO, copywriting, or content curation, or syndication. This list of blogging tips is simply a focus on the common sense that get’s lost in the sea of trying to rank in google and trying to copy or duplicate someone else’s results.

So here we go blogging tips:

1. Give yourself a break. You are not perfect when it comes to blogging and you will not get it all right today. Guess what? It’s ok…take your hands of your keyboard and take a deep breath. It’s ok not to be perfect no one else is.

2. Write or blog from your heart and from your own perspective. No matter your topic always inject you into the topic. It makes you real and helps to establish a real connection with your readers.

3. Be realistic about your results from blogging. If you’re just starting out it will take time. If you’re trying to build a list and generate leads, it will take a little time. Keep blogging until you see the results you want.

4. Some of the best blogs and content are “controversial”. Don’t be afraid to take a stand on whatever. Realize that you won’t please everyone no matter how hard you try anyway.

5.  When you suddenly get an idea, write without concern for punctuation, grammar or spelling. All of that can be fixed later, the most important thing is to get all of those thoughts out of your head and written down.

6. Make sure your content can be easily shared. There are tons of social media plugins available. Look for WordPress social media sharing plugins.

7. Make your posts reader friendly. Short sentences and paragraphs with white space is good. Add relevant photos. Blogging Tips

8. Captivate your audience with content that is a real resource. Provide value and solutions to real problems.

9. Ask questions, no one knows everything.

10. Pay attention to the ever evolving world of technology. You always want to improve your blog where you can. Technology can be a valuable asset. Pick and choose what’s applicable to what you’re doing and plug in.

It’s my hope that these blogging tips and this common sense approach will help someone.

At the end of the day the most important tip is to take action! Go from concept or class room to implementing what you learned as quickly as possible.

Success is a choice! Decide and watch how your decision affects your results.

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  • Corinne Floyd

    Good top ten tips – Having short paragraphs and lots of white space is really an important point. Reading a blog is not the same as reading a book or magazine – reading on the screen is harder on the eyes. I think many people just click away from posts that look to overwhelming – too much print.

    • Hey Corinne, i agree. For me it’s just easier on the eyes especially the older I get and when you read a lot of blogs. Thanks for sharing!

  • Angela

    Great Blog thanks roger

    • Hey Angela, thanks so much!

  • Great tips and a refreshing change from the usual ones. I really like #4, don’t be afraid to be controversial… These can be some of the best topics.

    • Marcy, I agree. Taking a stand separates you from the crowd and it’s good for business. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Krystle

    Great post Roger. This is a great help to starters on blogs and some who have been blogging for a while. Sometimes you got to take it from the top. Thanks for sharing.