Why NPN?

It seems that, every program or company in our industry claims to be the best and claims they have the  most fantastic products. So why NPN?

I should mention our inexpensive membership which is low risk. We don’t insist you purchase one overpriced product after another. Our cheap products are worth way more than what you will pay for them! Everyone can share our opportunity this way! More people are making money with us and we have a tiny drop out rate!  The companies with expensive products have a high drop out rate as those products are next to impossible to sell in a struggling economy. You may even kill you credit cards before you know it. This is so inexpensive and promising, that, you really don’t even need a”list” to get started.

As you will soon discover, our Pay Plan is very generous. While most companies last only about three months and others brag about being around for a year. We’ve been in business and lucrative since 2005!

Again, I feel tempted to mention the marketability of this program. I feel very comfortable and confident here…..unpressured. I’m enjoying myself and for the first time my girlfriend isn’t bitching at me for wasting money!

Do you know why, I feel such a sense of freedom? I am no longer in the position in which I believe that “I have to do this”. “I want to do this” is my viewpoint today,  because I love what I am doing .

Also, what I find exciting, is  the education here. We have a Marketing Workshop run by our very own Craig Caron and trust me, I will be “all ears” when it comes to that!

Hey, I have met many great friends as well as leaders in this industry, I am learning much and have been able to dispose of such negatives as low self esteem, fear, doubt and insecurity. Friend, you can’t put a price tag on that!

As a musician, I love to “shoot from the hip”, (improvise) . This way, I become, as they say, “branded”, perhaps, a little unique. I like to write that way as well. But now….at this very moment……It’s Your Turn. It’s your time to get us and others to know what YOU are all about as we help each other accomplish our goals!

A leader told me that There is no “Right Time” to get started, yet the “Right Time” is Now!






Joe Gleissner

Hey friends, I am an ambitious entrepreneur seeking to better myself while helping others. I am a big believer in family and unity, community. Education and inspiration are both extremely important to me. Not just hard work but smart work and fun are where it's at!

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  • Frank Osorio

    My Friend, You are in with the right people and Leaders! I’m so glad you think like the rich, “first get the facts then makes a wise decision.”
    Frank Osorio

  • Corinne Floyd

    I agree Joe, doing things because you want to is the only way .