My Top 3 Marketing Mistakes Most People Don’t Know About!


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In this Blog…I will be discussing some mistakes that folks make when marketing online…I just mention 3 here …but there are much more. I want you to avoid as many pitfalls as possible …so whatever I share are things I experienced myself or have learned through training and reading.

Take a peek what I have to say about “My Top 3 Marketing Mistakes Most People Don’t Know About.”


Well of course I hope that was helpful. So to recap Do the Following to Avoid Mistakes in Your Marketing:

  1. GET TRAINING ON HOW TO USE A CAPTURE PAGE…You really can’t do this by “flying by the seat of your pants” You need to know exactly what to do with a capture and online tools you might have. What is the use of having a capture page if don’t know how to use it properly. It’s like trying to use a saw like a hammer… you have to know what you’re doing.
  2. GIVE AWAY SOMETHING FOR FREE…When you do that you have now introduced yourself as someone who wants to help your subscribers become successful and that your FOCUS is on them not yourself.
  3. FIND YOUR BUYERS and BUILD A RELATIONSHIP WITH THEM…add value to your FREE item and sell it for a low cost. This will lead your subscribers into really wanting to connect with you and keep on being connecting to you because you’ve just helped them and also put money into your pocket over and over again…cause guest what? Buyers most ALWAYS BUY! You want them buying from you 😀

Well again…I hope this was helpful. My goal is to help you move forward in your business in an amazing way.

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  • Frank Osorio

    Hi Sharon, your post is so useful I subscribed to Blog. I can’t wait to soak up your next post! Frank

    • Sharon

      Frank…I fell off with the blogging because I got another job and was focusing on that change…but I am back and ready to ROCK with you and share…I hope your still down 🙂