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You joined an Awesome business, right?  You are pretty excited about the money you are going to be earning too. But somehow its not turning out quite the way you expected. And if you read my last blog…you might have missed  3 essentials you need when you decide to work from home or market online. Well I  won’t go into all of what you should think about before joining since I went over that in my last blog.

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Anyway…this video that I am about to share was a Google Hangout I had with one of my members. Here I share the cool tools in Global NPN with her. I do give a raw opinion of how I feel about some of the tools. It’s my opinion….but you will see. I am very honest in my dealings in business and if I don’t like something or I love something, I am not going to sugar coat it…I’m gonna keep it 100%

So here is our Hangout…I hope you learn something.

How was it? Was it clear…do you like what you saw or heard ? Anyway I hope you learned something about this business. It is really REALLY important how you do business online and that you have the right tools, leadership and mentorship moving forward.

Also as you can see on the live testimonial …I have no problem connecting with you. I invite you right now…to set up a hangout with me. All you have to do is Click on my FACE on the top of this page…and we can connect…just like that. Even if you don’t know if you want to join Global NPN…I will be more than happy to share some awesome content with you…Maybe I can learn something about you and what you have to offer.  I love this business because of that…we can always learn from each other.

Anyway…that’s all I have for today

Oh before I go…if you want to give Global NPN/NPN Builder a test drive…its less than $20 to try it. Go Here for more information===> TEST DRIVE ME!

Happy Friday guys…



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I am a Bubbly-Fun loving Entrepreneur that notices one thing about people. That thing is that most people want to be successful. They want to so bad that look all around on the internet in hopes to find that one thing that will lead them to success and wealth in what is important in life. Health, Wealth and Security. I know I have been there too! Now you have find it in Global NPN. And I would love for you to join me in this journey. I have a happy home here and it is helping leverage my other businesses online. So get ready for the RIDE OF YOUR LIFE! Welcome to Global NPN!!!
  • Nick Mintz

    Good one Sharon and yes everyone give her a test drive lol but love that you are honest about how you feel. #genuine

    • Sharon

      Thank you Nick…I always try to keep it !00 you know? 🙂

  • Pam Mckeen

    Great advice Sharon. It’s true that NPN gives you everything you need to start your online business and then some. There’s a great team to help and support the newest entrepreneur.