[NPN Builder] “You Got a Sale” Using These 3 Cool Tips!


“You Got a Sale”, Use These 3 Tips!

Just think..You can have that kind of success right from your email inbox. I know folks think this is a really tough industry. But it all depends on a few key things. Are you making the right choices when venturing on making money online or even offline with a product or service?

Well I wanted to share 3 Cool tips with you as you might be thinking about this. I shared some really easy exercises you can do to get comfortable using your computer. If you missed those, than be sure to subscribe to my FREE Newsletter: “Come Blog With Me”  You can catch the last few blogs right here===> http://thenpn.com/at/62646

So you may want to know how to start earning using your mouse and computer, cutting and pasting and using cool programs like Jing and I want to show you how.

In the video below I share the 3 Cool Tips that you should know before you get started in any program …even in the one I will be sharing. Be sure you are absolutely comfortable with the company and what it stands for.

So take a peek at this …then tell me what you think afterwards, ok? Here it is:

I can’t tell you the importance of a mentor/leader. It can truly make or break your success. Be VERY VERY careful of businesses that sound too good to be true or “Hypey”…you know …the ones that make you promises with very little work. Here is an example of some things you should watch out for: “You Don’t Have to Recruit”…to really be successfully…unless your doing eCommerce sales, there is at least SOME recruiting required.

Anyway I hope this was helpful!

Share this with anyone you thing will need this. Oh and if you need some tools, training and the BEST PART….Leadership, this is the BEST route===> Take this Route!

I’ll talk to you again…in my Next Blog!


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  • Pam Mckeen

    Always enjoy your posts Sharon. These 3 tips are an excellent example of how to get started online.

    • Sharon

      I hope some folks will be successful because of it…Thanks again Pam

    • Thanks Sweet Pammy 🙂

  • Craig Caron

    Very good post Sharon. Everything you said here is 100% true.

    • Sharon

      Yup…You taught me well…I hope you see I highlighted you in the video 😀

  • Derrick Harris

    These are some cool tips Sharon. Your exactly right. People go several different places online to control the tools that they bought to build their business and its time consuming. Why not have all your tools under one roof. Its just a no brainer

    • Sharon

      Thanks Derrick…Tools and training are the move 😀

  • Brian Angeli

    Great Tips Sharon, Thanks For The Post

    • Your Welcome…So Glad I could help 🙂

    • Your so welcome 🙂

    • Thanks Brian…Sorry I am getting back to you so late in the game…but I was building a siteand I haven’t been blogging lately…but I’m back 🙂 So glad I could help!