So maybe you decided to go for it… ????

Hello there fellow Entrepreneur……

So maybe you decided to go for it… ????

You decided it was time to take control of your own destiny and enter the wild and crazy world of the Entrepreneur, and for that you should be commended. You have certainly not taken the easy road nor have you felt content to stay in your comfort zone and just get by.

Your journey is not going to be an easy one, so you should get all the training you can, from video’s and training manuals and from the people who have gone before. If your goals are to make more money than you do now, you are going to have to learn things AND you are going to have to think and act differently than you currently do.

Here is what no one is telling potential entrepreneurs as they begin their journey: 

97% of all home-based entrepreneurs will spend more money then they make in this industry, and to add insult to injury, if they are building online, most of that money will be spent on buying the “hope” of making money through various different product purchases….not even anything that can actually BUILD the business they was in last week!

That means 97% of would-be entrepreneurs never have anything more than a really expensive hobby.

For those of you who may have been struggling online for some time now, you know what I am talking about here. You start a business and are really excited…but something else catches your attention…or you see an ad for something that promises to teach you how to make money faster…

Next thing you know you are off buying another piece of “hope”, only to get distracted again a week or a month later.

You can’t buy the life of an entrepreneur…it is NOT for sale.. YOU HAVE TO EARN IT!

Here it is…the truth for all to see. Everyone stinks when they first start out in this industry. I did, my mentors did…EVERYONE DOES. I think this should be one of the first things you hear because it is the truth.


The struggle is normal. It happens precisely because success in business requires us to change and adopt new patterns of thinking. Change is painful and we resist it at every level of our being. I know I did. This resistance is natural and mostly unconscious, but it must happen, and you must travel through it to become an entrepreneur.

The entrepreneurial journey IS a journey of personal development…and you MUST develop!

We must all develop our mind. When I say “mind” I am referring to more than just your brain. I am talking of mindset…which in it’s most basic phase comes the acknowledgement that thoughts are things and that you are what you think.

Where is your mind set? (Get it?)

Because of these two simple statements – that “thoughts are things” and “you are what you think,” you are going to have to protect your mind at all times.

I learned this lesson the hard way. There was a point in my life where I allowed myself to be conned into believing I was worth a lot less than I was…….that there were aspects of my life that I had no control over and that I must accept as fate.

I believe that we have all been conned into believing this lie in some way, shape, or form…some more than others. The societies we have built are not designed to churn out entrepreneurs…….They are designed to churn out employees. This is why all entrepreneurs are self-made. There simply is no other way to get there.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Our lives reflect the choices we make during those same 24 hours.


Enjoy This Video :

It is your responsibility to decide and act. What you create from that will be a testament to how you see yourself, and how others will see you. You cannot escape this fact so long as you live.

What are you going to build? What you build and achieve from it is how much you feel you are worth. As crazy as that sounds it is true. In some ways that may sound scary…especially if you are not where you want to be today.


REAL Freedom requires you to accept the fact that you are 100% responsible for your life. I know everyone believes that but how many actually consistently practice it?

YOU DECIDE IF YOU WILL …. then tell me 🙂

Seeya in a couple of days

All the best….. Rob Howells

Hi, pleased you are here 🙂 I am Rob and I am here to help you have a happy and prosperous future building your list and earning online. I am available to you, as is our facebook group full of experts. I am a father of five from the UK who enjoys helping people in their endeavours to "be free" Get in touch anytime 🙂 All the best.....Rob Howells
  • Sharon

    This was honestly one of the best blogs I’ve read in a while. I am so serious…love the point blank “realness” of this piece and how you broke down the experience of an entrepreneur with the perfect scenarios…Thanks for this…I already shared it on my page in the social media…worth the read! 😀