What do they do? What do they have that I don’t?

Making money online is like any other job

What do you mean Rob?

Well if any of us have worked a JOB, we all know we have to
train for it….learn what to do on a daily basis to get the job
done properly. If we do not do the job properly, then we will
be out of a job, as the boss uses us to “build his dream” and if
we are not doing that, well it is bye….and somebody else takes
over building the bosses dream.

What about building OUR OWN dream???

Well good question and that is perhaps why so many people
start a work at home business…..to build their own dream.

The trouble is, most of the time, people will not take the time
to learn how to build their new business, or think they can do
it the easy way, or don’t have the time….yaada yaada.

It is strange people understand they need training to do a job,
but don’t need training to run a business?

If people don’t get the right training, they are off to try a scheme
or a new biz they think will work better…..then it keeps repeating.

Hey, I been there more than once….and it is hard to break.

What I did was look at the people that make all the money.

What do they do? What do they have that I don’t?

Well what I found was the people making the money have a list!

They have a list of people interested in working from home and
they can email that list anytime they want to.

This is how they can join a new biz, and a month later are earning
thousands…..they have a BIG headstart with their list!

How do they build said list?

Well they have tools. They have a capture page to get people to
place their name and email in to a box….then they have an auto
responder set up to send out messages to these people who just
joined their list…..automatically.

They will have sites and forums and a thousand other places to
advertise this capture page….to attract these people to join their

They have more tools to track which of this advertising is giving
them the best results.

They will have a blog, and maybe sound and video recording
tools to record messages and suchlike, to make it a bit more

They will have hosting to give them choice on what they
advertise to these places, to attract the right people to sign
onto their list.

They have training video’s and copy set up to train their new
members that join their biz……saving loads and loads of time
for both themselves and the new people that joined the biz.

Because they have all these tools working for them, it leaves
them time to talk to their team and give first hand help when

Are you starting to see??

The people earning all the money have all this…..


Tell you what. All these tools and training may sound expensive,
and they can be very expensive, if you don’t know where to shop!

How about you try all these tools out for a buck…. $1 that is it.
You get to see the tools in action and build your list and make a
huge amount of cash if you wish. 100% pay out with no pass ups!

If you like what these tools and training do for your biz…..well stay
on…. the tools are a small investment for what they give, and the
money they make you 😉

See the form top right…… FILL IT and see for yourself 😉

All the best    Rob Howells


Hi, pleased you are here 🙂 I am Rob and I am here to help you have a happy and prosperous future building your list and earning online. I am available to you, as is our facebook group full of experts. I am a father of five from the UK who enjoys helping people in their endeavours to "be free" Get in touch anytime 🙂 All the best.....Rob Howells
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