Building A Biz Is Both Easy and Hard…….

Good day friends and entrepreneurs! 

You know, building an online business is both easy and hard
at the same time. 

It is easy as in it is not really hard like digging, or performing
an operation, but it is hard in another way.

It is hard to start a business, work long hours, and have no income
at first…..but think of what you are building for later on. An online
biz is like a lot of other types of biz, where at first it is all work and
little pay…..but later on is all pay and little work 🙂

This is what we strive for isn’t it? to build freedom. The freedom
to go on holiday when we like, to buy a new car or house, and to
help those less fortunate, give our kids a help out financially?

Well all that IS possible, but most don’t make it.

That is sad ain’t it? but the truth non the less.

People start a home biz all excited, but either do not do much work,
or do the wrong type of work, then when it is not building fast enough
they shut up shop and find another home biz, thinking that will be
better, or somehow build itself.

I been there alright. You see a home biz is easy to start, but is also
easy to stop! 

There is little invested in comparison to an offline biz, so it is easy
to walk away and join a new one……and that is where the problem lies
for most people in the industry and the reason most do not make it
to freedom…….not enough commitment.

Tools – Training – Focus – Commitment 

All are needed to find this freedom. 

All are important and will cut down the journey by years. 

There are a lot of lies in online advertising and there are a lot of
people that believe those lies over and over again. They prey on
our weakness and desperation to earn money and to be a success.

These lies like “join now and do nothing….the money will roll in”
or the “I will build your team” or “this ebook will make you a million”
Or the “people will flock to you as it sells itself”


I have seen it all, and I can tell you that don’t work. What we all need
to do is use tools to build a list. Build trust and then sell your offer or biz
to that list…..then carry on building your list!

The list is VERY important…..though most people can not be bothered
to put their work into building a list.

Sometimes people can get lucky (like I did once) and build a team
without a list with ads or on facebook….but that is really short term,
then when that biz goes wrong – you are left with no team and no
list to sell the next biz to! You see, as I found out, when a biz closes
or whatever….your team don’t hang round saying “well we will wait
and see what Rob joins…..then we will all join with him again” OH NO.
What your team usually thinks is “I will join a new biz quick….then try
and get Rob and the rest of the old team in to my new biz”

Soooo, please please, whatever else you do, BUILD YOUR LIST then
introduce them to an honest and stable biz, so you will all do well in
the long term.

It will still need hard work, building that list. You will need to dig in
BIG time and really give it all you got without getting distracted by
the next hot biz that appears every day.

You will have the people close to you and not so close to you, telling
you “it ain’t gonna work” but you have to give it all you got!

Use this video:




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All the best     Rob Howells



Hi, pleased you are here 🙂 I am Rob and I am here to help you have a happy and prosperous future building your list and earning online. I am available to you, as is our facebook group full of experts. I am a father of five from the UK who enjoys helping people in their endeavours to "be free" Get in touch anytime 🙂 All the best.....Rob Howells
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